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WHAT's NEW in ICE CREAM in October?

While the Southern Hemisphere is busy coming into their warmer months, we will see lots of new launches for their summer, however ice cream consumption in the Northern hemisphere during the colder month seems to be increasing in popularity as well.

Our October Picks Of The Month are the co-branding collaborations with Adidas and Ruru, and Microsoft and Mikey Likes It Ice Cream, who are showing us that ice cream is a fantastic PR tool in the right hands. Find more information on this below.



- ICE CREAM TOURISM is Trending -

Have you ever dreamt of ice cream? The Ibis Styles in Bournemouth has become the UK’s first ever ice-cream themed hotel with over 76 bedrooms in three unique designs inspired by ice cream flavours like mint choc chip, tutti frutti, and very berry. Have very sweet dreams!

The concept of ice cream tourism can also be spotted in the ‘Museum of Ice Cream’ with four locations across the US (Chicago, New York, and Austin), and Singapore. The museum is designed for ice cream lovers to experience multi-sensory installations on their guided tours with plenty of frozen treats along the way.

From November 18th to January 9th, the museums will celebrate ‘Pinkmas’ which promises to be a pink winter wonderland bursting with snowflakes, candy canes, and pink trees. Guests will be encouraged to bring a new toy in exchange for one scoop of ice cream and all toys will be donated to Toys For Tots.

- DOUGHLICIOUS designs new DOUCH.CHI Mochis with a cookie dough wrap instead of traditional rice dough -

Newly launching in Europe, DOUGH.CHI by DOUGHLICIOUS are capitalising on a recent innovation by US-based company, HIGH ROADd and their Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites. The Company has launched their new frozen cookie dough dessert which wraps ice cream in cookie dough to form small bite-sized balls, inspired by the Japanese dessert mochi.

The six flavours they have chosen are Blueberry Yoghurt Cheesecake, Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Chip, Coconut, Dulce de Leche, and Birthday Cake, and all are made with natural, gluten-free ingredients and exclude artificial preservatives. Available in Ocado and Planet Organic, will DOUCH.CHI open up new opportunities for consumers who perhaps are not fans of the traditional mochi rice dough, but like the idea of eating portion-controlled ice cream snacks?



- JUDES Ice Cream launches low calorie traditional and plant-based range -

JUDE’s new low calorie frozen dessert pint range contains only 99 calories per serving making them very on trend with consumer needs in 2021. Not all of the range is vegan-friendly but the vegan pints are clearly marked with a green plant-based symbol (pictured) and come in Chocolate Brownie and Salted Caramel flavour. The other two non-vegan flavours in the line are also Salted Caramel and Cookies & Cream. JUDE’s also claims to be the first carbon negative brand in the UK. UK consumers can find the range in Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose, and Ocado where each tub retails for £4.50.

- MAGNUM in Australia goes geographical -

MAGNUM Australia has released a new geographical range of ice cream named after four of the most iconic cities and locations in the world: New York, Las Vegas, Tahiti, and Amsterdam. Each has a unique flavour profile:

  • The NEW YORK Chocolate Cheesecake is a creamy cheesecake-flavoured ice cream with a chocolate swirl, topped with cracking milk chocolate and cookie pieces.

  • The LAS VEGAS Caramelised Chocolate & Cookie contains white chocolate ice cream with a caramel swirl and caramelised chocolate decorated with vanilla biscuit pieces.

  • The TAHITI Passionfruit White Chocolate is a vanilla custard-flavoured ice cream with a passionfruit swirl draped in thick white chocolate and a touch of coconut.

  • Finally, the AMSTERDAM Chocolate & Cookie Butter is a vanilla custard-flavoured ice cream with a cookie butter swirl, crackling milk chocolate, and Speculaas biscuit pieces.

The various flavours will be available at Coles and IGA stores nationwide, as well as in select convenience stores and petrol stations across the country.

- HELADOS ESTIU releases a new vegan range under the brand VAWAI -

HELADOS ESTIU, Spanish producer of ice cream Mochis under their own brand WAO and MERCADONA's, are now moving into a new ice cream segment: plant-based with their Vawai brand! They are hoping to replicate their Mochis success with the vegan ice cream shelf. The new range includes flavours like Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mango, and Vanilla.

- POLS in Peak Position with new Snow Peaks ice cream Bites -

POLS, a Latvian brand by ice cream Company FOOD UNION in Europe, has moved into the growing segment of ice cream snacking with their new snow-peak shaped bites, which are delivered in a fully biodegradable cardboard box, a first for the POLS brand. The cocoa-glazed ice cream bites are called ‘Snow Peaks’ and are showcased in trays of 15 ice creams, weighing 210g in total. The product will be available to buy on the Food Union online store in Latvia, as well as in larger chain stores throughout Latvia and Lithuania from November onwards.

- F&N extends HYDRATION range to include Frozen Ice Bars -

A natural extension for hydration beverages, F&N has launched their new 100PLUS Hydration Ice Bar in Singapore. A citrus-flavoured ice treat designed to help consumers cool down and hydrate post-exercise, each bar contains less than 200 calories, is trans-fat-free, and certified with the Healthier Choice Symbol, meaning that it is lower in sugar. Singapore consumers will find the brand on leading supermarket, hypermarket, and convenience store shelves across the country retailing at $1.50 SGD ($1.11 USD / €0.96) per tube or $5.20 SGD ($3.86 USD / €3.34) for a four-pack.

The extension into hydration ice bars will help expand the consumption occasions for the brand. Will we soon see Gatorade or Aquarius go down this route too?



- IKEA Malaysia Adds CHARCOAL Soft-Serve to Menu -

IKEA in Malaysia have introduced two new charcoal products to their Bistro food range, one of which being a Charcoal Caramel Soft Serve which retails at RM1.90 ($0.46 USD / €0.40). Demonstrating that innovation in food is not only limited to the main ice cream producers and retailers, the Charcoal ice cream will be available in Malaysian stores from November 1st - December 31st, 2021.

- ICE CREAM Trends as a PR Tool -

After Levi’s launched their blue ice cream in the US a few months ago, ADIDAS has since jumped on the same trend as the next brand to use an ice cream partnership with RURU to create buzz around the launch of their new ‘CONFIRMED’ app in Canada, which offers shoe-enthusiasts a chance to purchase from a curated selection of first-run kicks and exclusive partnerships.

ADIDAS and RURU created an exclusive, handmade batch of white chocolate ice cream which has been coloured blue with butterfly pea powder, lemon thyme cake, and lemon glaze.

Similar to the ADIDAS and RURU partnership, MICROSOFT are also teaming up with MIKEY LIKES IT Ice Cream to incorporate ice cream as part of their PR campaign. They will be offering free ice creams to celebrate the release of Windows 11. The free ice cream comes in “Bloomberry” flavour and will be shared with customers in New York.

- TURKEY CAKE stuffed with ICE CREAM for Thanksgiving at BASKIN ROBBINS -

As part of the Thanksgiving 2021 festivities, Baskin Robbins have reintroduced their ice cream turkey cake as well as a new limited edition ice cream flavour: Snickerdoodle Chai! The turkey cake can be ordered with whatever ice cream flavour the customer requests. It is made with a praline glaze on the outside, to give the turkey the shiny brown colour, and there are two sugar cone legs placed on top of a frosting garnish.

The Snickerdoodle Chai ice cream flavour is a vanilla chai-flavoured ice cream with a cinnamon streusel ribbon and snickerdoodle dough pieces throughout.

- COLES Australia Reinvents Mini VIENNETTA on a Stick -

The mini Viennetta on a stick is quite well known in Europe, but it seems to be a first for the Australian market with Coles Mini Vienna sticks making an appearance on Australian shelves this winter.

Reviving an old favourite from the 80’s, the mini sticks are selling for $5 AUD per pack of five.

- Spanish Brands, LA MENORQUINA and LACASA Try Out Their Limited Edition Turron Ice Cream -

Looking to increase ice cream consumption during the Christmas period, the La Menorquina and Lacasa brands have teamed up to develop a limited edition chocolate praline nougat - known in Spain as “turron” - ice cream with almonds. The 450ml ice cream tub, made free from preservatives and palm oil, will be available in supermarkets and hypermarkets across Spain this winter.

This is not the first time we have seen La Menorquina involved in co-branding opportunities after their partnership with Bimbo earlier this year in addition to collaborations with Chupa Chups, Haribo, and Milka.

- M&M’s Go Festive with New Ice Cream Cups for the Winter -

An interesting packaging choice for Mars' new festive launch this winter - M&M’s Fun Cups are available in packs of 10 enclosed in a transparent, vertical plastic packaging which is sure to stand out on shelf this holiday season.

The Fun Cups are filled with vanilla-flavoured ice cream and chocolate swirls, and mixed with lots of festive red and green M&M Minis. At only 130 calories each, US customers can find Fun Cups available at selected retailers nationwide.

- Double the Yolk, Double the Fun for AICE in Indonesia -

Arising from a 2019 food trend in China, Aice’s new ice cream bar - Aice Double Yolks - showcases a double egg yolk on the bar. In South East Asia, eggs are generally considered to be healthy and a good source of vitamins (and therefore immunity) making it an increasingly trending choice for brands looking to portray healthier options in their range.

- FINGERROOT Flavour Ice Cream Bars makes it Big in Thailand -

Linked with traditional Thai medicine, the fingerroot plant, belonging to the ginger family, has been considered a natural immunity booster, especially now during the COVID pandemic. ETE’s honey and lime-flavoured fingerroot ice cream claims to offer immune boosting properties and also contains konjac (a plant with various health claims and known for adding fibre and texture in food).

Got a new ice cream or frozen dessert and would like to be featured in our next monthly round-up? Email Nicolas Marie from Innodelice on with more details.



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