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WHAT’s NEW in June?

We are officially in peak ice cream and frozen dessert season here in Europe and the US, and this month’s compilation of the best new launches from the month of June does not disappoint. We look at exciting hemp products, spiked seltzers, and even a new donut ice cream!

Our June Pick Of The Month has to be ‘Little Moon’s’ new Fish and Chips flavour frozen mochi bites which you can read more about in the Surprising Flavours section below.

We hope you enjoy scrolling through all of June’s new launches and releases as much as we have enjoyed compiling them for you!



- MILK CULT: setting a new trend with HAND-CRAFTED ice cream? -

Milk Cut are no strangers to creating ice cream with over 100 flavours to their name already, but they have now also entered into the ice cream sandwich category with four new novelty launches, distributed in Whole Foods across the US.

The company is targeting consumers interested in hand-crafted foods, a niche in the ice cream market with very few options available nowadays. With that focus in mind, the brand has released two ice cream sandwiches under MILK CULT:

  • Avocado Ice Cream Chocolate Wafer (vegan)

  • Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Chip Cookie

and two more under DIPPY BOYS brand:

  • Vanilla Ice Cream Chocolate Shell Potato Chip

  • Makrut Lime Candy Shell Crispy Rice (vegan)

The chosen flavours were inspired by collaborations with D.C. restaurants, including Chef Seth Wells from Rose's Luxury and Chef Tom Cunanan formerly of Bad Saint. Expect to find their creations in retail for prices ranging from 3.29 to 3.79 USD.

- KOTKAMILLS offers PLASTIC-FREE ice cream cups -

Ice cream packaging typically relies on plastic-coated carton-based packaging materials for food safety reasons as well as moisture protection, but the Kotkamills brand believes that they have created a new plastic-free alternative involving two paperboards. Their solutions are fully recyclable, repulpable, and are also available as PEFC or FSC certified.

- New HEMP and OAT-based pots are a DOOZY -

Hemp as a crop is a very sustainable and nutritional option and represent two of the main reasons why the Founders of Doozy Pots decided to create an ice cream based on this ingredient. The combination of hemp and oat allows them to build back the creaminess and scoopability that is often lost when creating dairy-free ice creams. The brand can currently be found in US retailers such as Heinens and Sprouts.

Oat is widely used nowadays, but could combining the power of oats with hemp be another winning formula?



- JUDE’S go functional with new KEFIR ice cream range -

JUDE’s Ice Cream in the UK has released three new flavours for summer, the first of which is a refreshing and summery flavour: Rosé, made with natural rose extract.

The second and third flavours, ‘Mango & Passion Fruit’ and ‘Chocolate & Cherry’ are more functional products as they are Kefir-based (a milk fermented drink popular in Eastern Europe and Turkey) and include 14 strains of live cultures (probiotics) and calcium, according to the company. They are part of the brand’s Kefir ice cream range with the goal of promoting positive gut health. They can be purchased from their online store or in UK Retailer, Sainsbury’s.

After the launch of Kefir ice cream by BIOTIFUL DAIRY in 2020, it seems this new segment is driving interest.

- BEER Brands make (seasonal) move into POPSICLES -

Launched on June 14th in the US, Bud Light came out with their new frozen icicles in 3 different flavours: Cherry Limeade, Blue Raspberry, and Summer Ice. They are available in 12-packs which contain a variety of the three flavours available. The icicles contain alcohol and contain 5% ABV (Alcohol by Volume), but they are only limited edition so will not be around for long.

Coors Light is also jumping on the spiked seltzer bandwagon once again with a new flavour to their range - Orange Cream Pop - this time in ice cream form which they created through their collaboration with Tipsy Scoop. The ice cream also has 5% ABV like Bud Light’s launch above. For NYC residents, you will be able to pop by a Tipsy Scoop "barlour" from June 30, but for the rest of the country, you can order online from for nationwide shipping.

- LINDT & SPRÜNGLI launches CREMA GELATA in Spanish stores -

Following in the footsteps of fellow industry giants, Milka and Ferrero, Lindt has diversified its product portfolio even further with this new ice cream launch ‘Crema Gelata’ in the Spanish market, available in dark chocolate flavour, milk chocolate flavour, and a mixture of both.

The move comes as they celebrate their 40th anniversary in Spain and will be available exclusively in four of their ice cream boutiques across the country: ‘The Style Outlets’ in San Sebastián de los Reyes, Las Rozas, and Getafe (all in Madrid), and Viladecans (Barcelona).

- DIPPIN' DOTS launch their first product that can be stored at -18ºC -

DIPPIN' DOTS by Wells Enterprise have launched their first Dippin' Dots product that can be stored at -18ºC (instead of -40ºC). The new release - Fruit Pearls - are a low-fat combination of fruit and yoghurt in the traditional dots format, but can be stored in a standard freezer, similar to WYMAN’s “Just Fruits” launch from 2020.

The 2oz tubes come in a case of 12 and in two flavours: Wildberries ‘N Cream, and Chocolate Strawberries ‘N Cream. The latter contains 120 calories per tube while the former contains just 55 calories, offering a lower calorie alternative snack.

- HAAGEN DAZS New Light Range in Canada is DIVINE -

Inspired by the previously released ‘Heaven’ line, Canada has received a new light ice cream collection from Haagen Dazs which offers consumers 50% less fat and 25% less sugar than their traditional ice cream pints, and less than 200 calories per 125ml tub.

Available in three flavours: Raspberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Chunk Brownie, and Vanilla Caramel Pretzel, the range contains no artificial sweeteners, colours, or flavourings to satisfy the demand from Canadian consumers for more better-for-you options and indulgences.

- KILLER CREAMERY creates KETO-friendly ice cream sandwich -

‘Killer Sammies’ are the brand new ice cream sandwich release from Killer Creamery boasting zero-sugar, gluten-free, and keto-free claims. In both Chocolate and Vanilla flavours, the product is made with wafer cookies made from pea protein, oat flour, and cocoa to create an all-round better-for-you treat.

They also contain erythritol, stevia, allulose and monk fruit for the sweetness, and are also made with MCT oil. The ‘Sammies’ contain 120 calories, 5g of protein and 2-3g of net carbs per sandwich. You can find them for sale on their website, at Amazon, and in US retailers like Albertsons and Safeway for approximately $5.99 - $6.99 per 6-pack.

- MILK BAR move into ICE CREAM -

The US bakery stores company is entering the ice cream category with the launch of a full range of pints to be distributed in several US retailers starting as of now with Whole Foods (5.99 USD a pint). Milk Bar’s new ice cream pints have been developed to feature four flavours true to the flavours popular with their consumers: Birthday Cake, Cereal Milk, Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow, and Milk Bar Pie.

Clearly another sign that there is no lack of new entrants in the ice cream market, and no pushback from retailers to try something new in this very innovative (and overcrowded!) category.

- FRONERI extends OREO range with OREO Cone -

Oreo is one of those truly versatile ingredients but this is the first time that we are seeing it in cone format. Released by Froneri in the UK market, the cone features vanilla ice cream covered in Oreo biscuit coating and consumers can find the ice cream snack in Asda currently, with other supermarkets to be added to the list over the summer, at a price point of £3.50 per pack of 4-cones.



- ALDEN’S ORGANIC go for Nostalgic Comfort with new flavours -

Alden’s Organic in the US have added a new collection of ice cream bars to their portfolio. These bars are inspired by many of America’s classic beverages including Root Beer Float (Certified Gluten-free), Horchata (Dairy-free and Vegan), and Strawberry Lemonade (Dairy-free and Vegan).

Consumers can purchase them from their online store, as well as in supermarkets across America including Sprouts and Costco for between $4.99-$5.49.

- CHUPA CHUPS create new LOLLIPOP ICE CREAM experience -

In our previous What’s New in May article, we saw Chupa Chups collaborating with La Menorquina in the Spanish market, and now this month we can see their next move with licensing their brand in the Italian market with Unilever.

Their new range of ice creams has been recreated from three of the brand’s original flavors – lemon, strawberry, and cola, as well as recreating the real shape and size of the Chupa Chups XXL lollipops. This is a first for the brand whose new launch will be available to Italian consumers in Unilever’s Out of Home channels.

- LITTLE MOON Feature New Fish and Chips Flavour -

Little Moons, Japanese-inspired dessert brand are known for their unique flavours, but their three newest flavour launches in the UK are truly ones to stand-out from the crowd. The brand creates bite-sized mochi balls filled with gelato ice cream and hand-finished with rice flour.

Their new flavours are Candy Floss, Eton Mess, and Fish and Chips. Yes, you read that right. Fish and Chips is a combination of sweet and salty with a dash of tangy vinegar and mini chocolate chips. All three flavours are now available from the Little Moons website as of July 5th.

- BREYERS expand their US VEGAN range with 2 new dairy-free flavours -

Breyers have added two new dairy-free SKU’s to their US market portfolio in Mint Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip flavour as Unilever aim to expand their vegan alternatives across many of their brands, including Magnum and Ben & Jerry’s as well.

This is not the first time the Breyer’s brand has added vegan frozen desserts to their range. They released their first two - Oreo Cookies & Cream, and Vanilla Peanut Butter, back in 2017, both of which had an almond milk base.

- LA MENORQUINA & BIMBO develop the first DONUT ice cream -

LA MENORQUINA and BIMBO have together launched the very first donut ice cream in the Spanish market under the DONUTS brand. The new launch will be available in two formats: the first is a 500ml Pint which is already available in retail, while the other is a stick format with an ice cream top in the classic shape of a donut, which was recently made available in 4-packs for the at-home and impulse channels from July 4th.

This is another strategic branding partnership for LA MENORQUINA as they strengthen their co-branding collaborations in Spain to maximize the output of their factory in Catalunya.

- HAAGEN DAZS launch South East Asian summer flavours -

The Asian market has got its own Haagen-Dazs flavour assortment with new summer editions being launched in Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. There are three summer-y flavours: Cantaloupe Melon, Mango & Cream, and Raspberry and are now available in select retailers across the three markets.

- NESTLE leverages local tastes with new ONDE ONDE ice cream -

Onde-Onde is a typical Malaysian treat of sweet rice cake balls filled with molten palm sugar and grated coconut, and this was the flavour inspiration behind Nestlé’s new launch in the Malaysian market with Onde-Onde ice cream.

Nestlé’s Onde-Onde Ice Cream (57ml) is a frozen treat made from pandan and coconut flavours with finely grated coconut in the center.

Image by NESTLE Malaysia

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