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WHAT's NEW in August?

While the end of the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere is usually a quieter time in the ice cream and frozen dessert world, this year has been very active with plenty of new innovations, flavours, and products to discuss!

You’ll find everything new we have discovered over the past month below, including our August Pick Of The Month which sees infant formula producer, Kendamil, launching the world’s first ever infant milk formula ice cream! Read on to find out more about this industry-first and why the brand decided to enter into the world of (limited edition) ice cream.



- BOBA is Back with MAGNOLIA! -

We first mentioned Boba Tea in one of the first editions of our What’s New article last summer (you can read that here) when WALLS launched their Boba-licious brand in Malaysia.

Since then, South East Asian flavours like Boba Tea have been making their way across the globe in popularity, proven by MAGNOLIA’s (Ramar Foods) new premium launch of Boba Tea ice cream pints in the US. The brand will be showcasing eight flavours: Ube, Mango, Coffee, Green Tea, Wintermelon, Honeydew, Brown Sugar, and Jasmine Milk Tea, and customers will be able to find them for sale on the brand’s website and in various local grocery stores across the US market.

- KENDAMIL launches the first ever Infant Milk formula ice cream! -

This is an ice cream industry first by infant milk producer, KENDAMIL, who have just launched the first ever ice cream made from infant milk formula! Studies have discovered that a third of parents have never tried their baby’s milk so Kendamil created this infant formula ice cream specifically for parents as a way of building another link between parent and child by educating them on the taste of infant formula milk, so they can better understand and be more comfortable with what they are giving their child knowing that it’s nutritionally good for them as well as tasting good too.

Do you think this is something that will take off with parents? Would you try it?

- Icelandic Frozen SKYR Launches in Spanish LIDL -

Originally from Iceland, fresh-cheese SKYR has been declined by LIDL in many different retail categories, from cheese (burrata-shaped SKYR) to yogurt (flavoured SKYR) and now ice cream with the introduction of frozen SKYR. The frozen SKYR can be found since August under the LIDL-owned GELATELLI brand in LIDL stores across Spain, demonstrating the retailer's ever-growing search for innovative and disruptive products.

LIDL frozen SKYR can be found in 2 formats:

  • in CUPS of 166ml each (2 cups per pack), with 2 flavours available: plain or blueberry & elderberry, both priced at €1.99 per pack.

  • in STICKS (4 sticks per pack), with 2 flavours: sour cherry or cranberries, priced at € €2.49 each.

Frozen SKYR is likely to be popular with healthy and fit consumers thanks to the product’s high protein and probiotic content and low calories.

- Pay your Ice Cream with CRYPTO thanks to BRAVE ROBOT! -

In what may be a trend that takes the food (and ice cream) industry by storm, BRAVE ROBOT has become the first US ice cream brand to accept payment via crypto currency on its Direct to Consumer website with the goal of creating more secure transactions for their customers. Made possible by their partnership with Coinbase Commerce, BRAVE ROBOT will now allow its customers to pay for their ice cream with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, DAI, Ethereum, Litecoin, or USD Coin.

Do you think they will be the first of a long line of food producers to accept Crypto Currency as payment?

- Can we eat Ice Cream and save the planet at the same time? PLAN(E)T FOODS thinks so! -

What if we could save the planet by eating ice cream? That is exactly what Greek company, PLAN(E)T FOODS are hoping to achieve with their new plant-based brand created with eco-friendly sugar cane-based packaging. The company, which is making 100% plant-based ice cream, is not only dairy-free and made with natural flavours, but is also carbon-negative, making it a better choice for the planet!



- CHURN BABY Churn! -

Aiming to bring their customers a more boutique and indulgent ice cream experience at home, ChurnBaby Ice Cream is CASPER'S Ice Cream third brand in the US market to cater to the super premium & indulgent segment, after ‘Fatboy’, and ‘Jollyllama’.

Made with super premium ingredients and paired with an indulgent cookie, their Cookie Cups come in four decadent flavours: Peanut Butta Brownie Luvva, Choco Chip Cookie Dough, Choco Chip Vanilla Fudge Brownie, and Cool Mint Chocolate Chip, all of which retail for approximately $5.99 USD for a two-cup box in US retailers such as Walmart, Gelson’s, and Winco to name a few.

- NICK’S Healthier Cookie Sandwich launches in the US -

NICK’S is the top selling ice cream brand in the US for Direct-to-Consumer distribution, thanks to their website and their innovative range of products such as their latest addition: the healthy(er) ice cream cookie sandwich, ‘The Cookie Kräm’.

Extending their keto-friendly, no added sugar range, the Cookie Kräm, which contains a vanilla ice cream layer between two soft chocolate chip-filled cookies, has only 240 calories and 8g net carbs with no added sugar.

- GOLDEN GAYTIMES with KELLOGG'S create Cereaously Good FROOT LOOPS -

This is not the first partnership between GOLDEN GAYTIME (owned by UNILEVER) and KELLOGG’S - they launched Coco Pops Ice Cream back in March and have now joined forces again to create ‘Froot Loops Golden Gaytimes’, their newest addition to the breakfast cereal themed product line-up in the Australian ice cream market.

Froot Loops Golden Gaytimes is made up of cereal-flavoured ice cream coated in chocolate and biscuit crumbs. In other words, a real comfort food to inspire nostalgia in their customers.

- BUBBIES go Vegan with Coconut Mochis -

Following the launch of My/Mo’s Oat-based Mochi Frozen Dessert, US mochi brand BUBBIES has newly released their non-dairy mochi ice cream flavour in vegan strawberry, mango, and chocolate flavours. Made with coconut milk-based ice cream, real fruit puree, and wrapped in mochi dough, they contain a mere 80 calories per serving and are also gluten-free as well as vegan.

Customers will find six-packs of each flavour in retailers like Whole Foods Market, and Gelson’s Market across the US which retail for approximately $5.99-$6.99 USD per box. They can also be found on the brand’s online store,

- Get a LOAD'D of these new novelties by BLUE BUNNY -

Health & Wellness is important in the food industry but brands understand that consumers still want a bit of indulgence every now and then which is why BLUE BUNNY (owned by Wells Enterprises) have extended their ice cream portfolio to include a new indulgent ice cream line-up of Load’d Ice Cream Bars. The Bars include double the inclusions and mix-ins of the rest of their range as well as being dipped in a crunchy coating.

The five flavours in the range include Cookie Dough, Salted Caramel, Strawberry Shortcake, Super Fudge Brownie, and lastly Bunny Tracks which is a frozen dessert made with a dairy vanilla base, caramel swirls, and chocolate-flavoured butter bunnies, topped with caramel sauce and dipped in a milk chocolate-flavoured coating with peanuts. Indulgent indeed!



- WYMAN’S expand their Frozen Fruit Bites flavours -

WYMAN'S are looking to re-imagine the traditional way of eating frozen yogurt with their range ‘JUST FRUIT & Greek Yogurt Bites’, launched in 2020 and which expanded last month with the addition of a new Mango & Blueberries flavour. The Bites are now available in two varieties: Greek Yoghurt Raspberries & Strawberries Bites, Greek Yoghurt Wild Blueberries and Mangos Bites. Additionally, the JUST FRUIT bites also include a dairy-free and vegan option: Banana Bites. Available in a four-cup box, each cup contains only 45 calories. The product is intended to be eaten frozen removing the need to defrost before consumption.

- CARVEL create Limited Edition CHURRO Ice Cream Line-Up -

Churros are a type of fried dough, similar to a doughnut, traditionally consumed in Spanish and Latin American cuisines but have become more popular worldwide in recent years. US ice cream parlour chain, CARVEL have capitalised on this love of Churros by launching their new ‘Churro Crunchies’ line-up - a new twist on their traditional ice cream treat portfolio with added cinnamon and churros. The products which received a makeover with the new Churro Crunchies are:

  • Churro Crunchies To Go

  • Churro Shake

  • Churro Sundae Dasher

  • Churro Flying Saucers

  • Churro Soft Serve

  • Churro Scooped Ice Cream

If you are a fan of Churro, you will definitely find out what you are looking for across those various options, all available in Carvel stores across the US as well as many food delivery platforms.

- GOODPOP go nostalgic with their Orange & Cream Popsicle -

GOODPOP have recently released their Orange n’ Cream flavour, which is a reimagined version of the traditional flavour combination, but this time made with healthier ingredients. The pops are USDA certified organic, dairy and gluten-free, and made without HFCs, GMOs, refined sugars, or sugar alcohol sweeteners.

GOODPOP’s Orange n’ Cream frozen pops are available in retailers across the US in packs of 4 at a suggested retail price of $4.99-5.99 USD. You can also find them on their own online store.

- CAMPINA Ice Cream launches Immunity Booster Orange Pop in Indonesia -

Immunity claims in food products are still relevant as we move into a post-Covid consumer world, demonstrated by the launch of products like Orange Plus in Indonesia by CAMPINA Ice Cream. Orange as an ingredient is already a well-recognised for its immune-enhancing properties and Orange Plus is an ice cream enriched with 90mg of Vitamin C in each stick. It is also a dairy-free option to make it more inclusive to a higher number of consumers.

Campina’s new launch can be purchased in bulk under a ‘Paket Imun Plus’ package which includes 40 sticks priced at 100,000 IDR (about $7 USD).

- Real Fruit and All-Natural are proving Popular for POPS MALAYA -

Consumers are definitely craving more all-natural and real fruit products in the ice cream and frozen dessert space, which has led Malaysian Brand, POPS MALAYA to bring out these new Lychee Peach Ice Bars!

A freeze-at-home ice bar made with real fruit and containing just 31 calories, lychee peach is the newest flavour to join their other available flavours like grape, strawberry, mango and passion fruit-pineapple.

- International Chefs inspire TALENTI’s new Limited Edition flavour -

US Gelato brand, Talenti have added a limited edition special batch flavour - ‘Peanut Butter Crunch’ - to their new Chef’s Collection, which is a selection of flavours inspired by chefs from around the world. Inspired by a winning dessert from a Top Chef Quickfire Challenge sponsored by Talenti, Peanut Butter Crunch consists of a layer of chocolate peanut butter cups topped with a layer of vanilla gelato, topped with brown butter sugar sauce, crunchy graham cracker pieces, and creamy peanut butter gelato. It currently retails for approximately $5 USD in retailers across the US.

- HAAGEN DAZS combine Mochi and Ice Cream in Japan -

HAAGEN-DAZS have brought a pair of limited edition frozen dessert products for summer to the Japanese market. The two products combine mochi and popular local ice cream flavours. The first is called ‘Aromatic Mitarashi Walnut’, which contains a milk ice cream base with nutty pieces, mochi and mitarashi sauce (a type of soy sauce) has a salty and sweet flavour profile.

The second product is called ‘Ginse Kinako Kuromitsu’ which is a base of kinako soybean powder ice cream, and has ribbons of kuromitsu black honey sauce topped with a mochi and more kinako powder, and yellow and black soybeans. Intrigued?

Got a new ice cream or frozen dessert and would like to be featured in our next monthly round-up? Email Nicolas Marie from Innodelice on with more details.

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Founded by former executives in the Ice Cream industry, INNODELICE aims to create a worldwide ecosystem of solutions within the frozen dessert industry. Thanks to the relationships fostered by INNODELICE, manufacturers, brands, importers, distributors and suppliers can discover, buy and sell solutions to GROW their business. These solutions include co-manufactured and branded products as well as innovative and competitive ingredients, packaging and services. Our collaboration model generates lower costs and fewer risks for our participating partners while optimising their time to market. To learn more about INNODELICE, contact Nicolas MARIE (, Andrea MONTREUIL ( or visit

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