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WHAT's NEW in March?

This month, the ice cream and frozen dessert industry is in full swing as brands and manufacturers prepare for Summer with a bountiful array of new products, flavours, and innovations.

Some of the new releases may surprise you. Keep an eye out for the brown sugar and cheese combination in the newest Cornetto launch! You will also see the frozen breakfast category in growth with new innovations from co-branding partnerships, as well as the plant-based trend which is expanding rapidly in ice cream and frozen desserts.

Our March Pick Of The Month highlights one of these plant-based innovations from SWEETPEA who have introduced chickpeas as a new ingredient to frozen desserts.



- SWEETPEA introduces CHICKPEAS in Frozen Desserts -

Trend: Well-being - Plant-based

Following the hugely successful plant-based trend in ice cream, SWEETPEA has launched a non-dairy, chickpea-based frozen dessert in the US market.

Available nationwide from their online store, the brand has released nine flavours, including:

  • That’s a Mean Vanilla Bean

  • Peanut Butter Bomb

  • Must Do Cold Brew

  • Mango Tango (feat. Peach)

  • One ‘n Only Cookies ‘n Cream

  • Salted Caramel’s Sweet Talkin’ Pralines

  • T.G.I. PieDay Raspberry

  • 3 Parts Chocolate

  • and Hello, Cookie Dough!

The brand, which boasts less than half the fat and calories of traditional ice cream, are planning to launch in stores later this year. Will 2021 be the year of Chickpea (as predicted in our article about 2021 Food Trends)?

- FERRERO invests BIG in frozen -

Trend: Indulgence - Co-branding

Although not a new trend as such, FERRERO's move into ice cream is surely something bold by its scope and possibly a game-changer for the European ice cream market.

FERRERO made its first entry to the European ice cream market in 2019 with co-manufactured products under the brand Kinder. At about the same time, they acquired ICFC in Spain, one of the largest private label ice cream producer in Europe, demonstrating that their move into ice cream was part of a strategic plan and not a short term opportunity.

Leveraging their new production platform, they have just announced the launch of new indulgent ice cream sticks across multiple European markets using their mega-brands Ferrero Rocher and Raffaello. With powerful brands and a strong production platform, Ferrero may become a serious contender to Unilever and Froneri leadership in ice cream, at least in Europe.

The new range includes one SKU of white chocolate and coconut Raffaello on a stick, alongside two Ferrero Rocher SKUs also in a stick format - one classic milk chocolate & hazelnut, and one dark chocolate version. Will you give it a try?

- MARS disrupts the frozen breakfast market with KIND -

Trend: Well Being - Plant-based

The frozen food aisle has a new plant-based entry from KIND (owned by Mars) who are making their debut this year with a frozen breakfast snack in a variety of flavours: Almond & Mango Pineapple Passion Fruit, Almond & Triple Berry Açaí, Almond & Chocolate Banana, and Almond & Peach Kiwi Greens. Each bowl has 9g of added sugar and about 8g of protein.

Launching with a Frozen Smoothie Bowl that is ready to eat straight from the freezer, they have made each SKU with an almond milk base, topped with nut butter and granola. KIND’s new innovation can be found in stores across the US at approximately $4 USD for a 6oz (177ml) tub. Is that an opportunity for frozen desserts manufacturers to enter the multi-billion $ breakfast market? Food for thought...




Trend: Indulgence - Modern Nostalgia & Comfort Food

Recent co-branding opportunities between Kelloggs and Golden Gaytime in Australia has brought the ice cream industry another breakfast and cereal crossover resulting in the release of the ultimate modern nostalgia in the form of Coco Pops ice cream!

The inner vanilla ice cream will be surrounded by Coco Pops flavoured biscuit pieces and is available in a 4-pack in most supermarket freezer aisles and select convenience stores across Australia from March.

- OUTSHINE outstands with frozen dairy-based bars -

Trend: Well Being - Additional Benefits

Simply Indulgent bars are a new range of dairy-based frozen desserts created by Outshine. While the norm is usually to begin in the dairy space and move to non-dairy, Outshine (a subsidiary of Nestlé) has reversed this process by adding dairy to its original fruit line-up.

They are also unique in the fact that they are tapping into both the indulgence and wellbeing markets through their combination of tasty, yet clean label ingredients. The new bars are made with skimmed milk, have 25% less sugar than traditional frozen dairy bars, and 5g of protein per bar. There are no GMO ingredients or high-fructose corn syrup included.

- No Sugar, No Problem for NADAMOO -

Trend: Well Being - Plant-based and Additional Benefits

Nadamoo are jumping on the sugar reduction bandwagon by launching four sugar-free SKU’s to their frozen dessert portfolio. They will be available to purchase for approximately $5.99 USD per pint from their online store as well as select retailers in the US.

Maintaining their coconut base, Nadamoo’s new flavours focus on timeless classics and include Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, and Mint Chip.

They have achieved the sugar-free status by sweetening their pints with a combination of organic allulose, organic erythritol and a hint of stevia extract. One serving totals a mere 17g-21g of carbohydrates making them suitable for a broad range of diets, especially those which are more carb-restrictive.

The brand claims that each ingredient used has been grown in pesticide and synthetic-free soil, does not contain artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, and are non-GMO, gluten-free and B-Corp certified.

- HALO TOP turns to oats -

Trend: Well Being - Plant-based and Additional Benefits

Halo Top UK will be releasing a new range of oat milk frozen dessert tubs, each with less than 400 calories per tub. The oat variety has been created as a replacement for their existing dairy-free coconut milk range and will be available in two vegan flavours: Peanut Butter Chocolate Overload, and Caramel Chocolate Pretzel. You can now find the new release in Tesco stores throughout the UK.

- HALO TOP also looks for success in fruit-based frozen desserts -

Trend: Well Being - Plant-based and Additional Benefits

Expanding its frozen dessert portfolio even further, Halo Top have introduced a new line of frozen fruit pops made from real fruit and fruit juice, which are said to contain 50-65% less sugar than other frozen fruit bars on the market.

There are five available flavours including strawberry, coconut, lime, mango, and pineapple. Depending on the flavour, each popsicle contains between 40-90 calories and 5-9g of sugar. A box of six fruit pops has an RRP of $4.79 USD per box.



- Anything for a KLONDIKE unicorn cone -

Trend: Indulgence - Surprising Colours & Shapes

Featuring vibrant colours and swirls, Klondike’s new Unicorn Dreamin’ ice cream cone consists of a variety of flavours including strawberry and bubblegum-flavoured ice cream with strawberry sauce at its core and a chocolate coating. Currently found at Kroger stores in the US, boxes of eight are selling at approximately $6.99 USD.

- UNILEVER gives a new twist to its TWISTER -

Trend: Indulgence - Surprising Colours & Shapes

UK readers will already know the classic Twister SKU from Unilever and may be excited to see they are relaunching it with a new shape and colour twist to add to their ‘Responsibly Made for Kids’ range.

Known as the Twister Peek-a-Blue, the new look includes a combination of summer flavours such as melon, strawberry-lemon, and apple-blueberry, and each has only 66 calories per stick. The recommended retail price will be £1.10 for 70ml or £2.79 for the 5x70ml format.

- Too GUUUD to be true for frozen yogurt? -

Trend: Indulgence - Global Flavours

Will COVID give a boost to the frozen yogurt category? Unilever launched GUUUD last year in the UK. Sold exclusively in Sainsbury's, the launch went rather unnoticed. But with its "gut-friendly cultures" and "Greek yogurt from Greece", it seems the brand reached its objectives.

Incorporating a new passion fruit flavour, at only 86 calories per stick, this new SKU extends the portfolio and aims to combine the best of both worlds between health and indulgence. A pack of 4x80ml will retail exclusively in UK store, Sainsbury’s, at £4.50.

- Bolder and brighter rebrand for COCONUT BLISS -

Trend: Well Being - Plant-based

Plant-based frozen dessert brand, Coconut Bliss, have rebranded and taken a bolder approach to their packaging design. The goal of this rebrand has been to connect with consumers on a deeper level by promoting their values around sustainability, inclusivity, and positivity. Check out their website to see all new designs. Bold!

Alongside the rebrand, Coconut Bliss have also released two new SKU’s, one of which is a pint of Legendary Cookie Dough which retails for $9 USD on their online store and for $6.99 USD in select retail stores across the US.

Additionally, the brand also launched their first single-serve format, Cup of Joy, to fit the convenience and on-the-go trend that is in demand by consumers. The cups are on the market in two flavours: Dark Chocolate, and Madagascan Vanilla Bean, and retail for $8.99 USD in packs of 4.

- MAGNUM goes for (double) gold -

Trend: Indulgence - Surprising flavours, colours & shapes

Magnum has released their new Double Gold Caramel Billionaire, inspired by the classic British treat, Millionaires Shortbread. Available in two formats, stick or tub, and with (only!) 231 calories per serving, Magnum will make them available in stores across UK & Europe.

In UK, a pack of 3x85ml sticks will retail for £3.69, one 440ml tub will sell for £4, the RRP for individual 85ml sticks is £2, and the smaller, mini-stick variety in packs of 6x55ml (161 calories each) will retail at £3.89.

- Savoury meets Sweet in CORNETTO's new treat -

Trend: Indulgence - Surprising flavours, colours & shapes


Indonesia has always been an interesting and innovative market for new flavours (especially for Western tastes), and this month has been no different with Cornetto’s newest release of boba, brown sugar, and cheese ice cream cones.

Cornetto’s cone comes in a 120g size with an ingredient list including boba, butter, brown sugar sauce, and peanuts. It can be found in Alfacart stores and retails at IDR 13,000 ($0.92 USD).

Any new product launch you would like to share with us? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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