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What’s New in May: Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

We have discovered some exciting and nostalgic flavours that are making headlines around the world this month and have shared our findings with you below so you can browse what’s new in the dairy ice cream industry.

Our May Dairy Pick Of The Month is the result of a partnership between Double Rainbow ice cream and Tia Lupita Foods who have created the controversial Chipotle Chocolate Chip ice cream pint which blends together Double Rainbow’s chocolate ice cream and Tia Lupita’s chipotle hot sauce! Is this a flavour you would be tempted to try? In this article, you will read about:


Flagship Moutai Ice Cream Store Opens in Zunyi City, China

Kweichow Moutai, a strong-tasting alcoholic beverage popular in the Chinese market among the wealthy, has opened its first ever flagship ice cream store in the lobby of the Moutai International Hotel in Zunyi.

The alcohol brand hopes to attract a younger audience with 14 new baijiu-infused ice cream flavours including matcha, chocolate, and green plum, ranging in price from 39.9 yuan (€5.5 / $6 USD) to more than 100 yuan (€14 / $15 USD) per serving.

With an alcohol concentration of 3%, the Moutai ice cream is only allowed to be sold to those of a legal drinking age and the brand’s R&D team have advised consumers to avoid driving after eating it.

Image by Insider via VCG/Getty Images


Jackfruit and Chickoo Among New Flavours by NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream, India

NIC Honestly Natural Ice Cream has announced three new limited-edition flavours to their ice cream range that will be available nationwide across major retailers and online platforms in India. The new flavours are made with only 100% natural ingredients - no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives - and pure milk.

They include: Belgian Chocolate - incorporating rich and creamy Belgian chocolate; Jackfruit - using fresh, exotic jackfruit; and Chickoo - packed with soft and creamy, nutrient-rich chickoo fruit.

Bailey’s Launch First Official Ice Cream, Ireland & UK

By popular demand, the first official tub of Baileys Ice Cream has arrived in Ireland and the UK this month in two formats: ice cream pints and sticks. A 473ml tub of Baileys new ice cream will cost you £3.50 (/€4.11 / $4.42 USD) and a multipack of 3 x 90ml (270ml) ice cream sticks will also set you back £3.50.

Image by Delish via NewsFoodUK

Halo Top Changes Recipe to Increase Creaminess, USA

Halo Top has revised their dairy light ice cream recipe and has announced the change with the launch of a new flavour: Chocolate Cake Batter. The goal of the new recipe, which includes ‘ultrafiltered’ skim milk, was to create a creamier texture while maintaining the low calorie and sugar content.

The brand is aiming to have converted their whole dairy light ice cream range to the new formula by the end of June. Totalling 330 calories and 18g of protein per pint, the newly launched Chocolate Cake Batter with coloured sprinkles can be found in frozen dessert freezers at an RRP of $4.99 USD (/€4.64).

Image by Thrillist via Halo Top

Hershey’s Classic Cookies ‘n’ Creme Chocolate Bar Turned Ice Cream, UK

UK retailer, Iceland, has added Hershey’s Cookies ‘n’ Creme Ice Cream stick treat to their frozen aisle.

Exclusive to Iceland, the new addition is available in 3 x 90ml packs at an RRP of £3.00 (/€3.52 / $3.79 USD).

The sticks contain smooth and creamy vanilla ice cream combined with crumbly cookie pieces.

Popsicle Release Summer Cyclone Flavours, Canada

In Canada, Popsicle have released a new flavour of their popular Cyclone ice pops - Pineapple, Lemon & Strawberry - just in time for summer. The new red, green and yellow Cyclone pop showcases a strawberry and lemon swirl with a pineapple-flavoured core.

The colours and flavours used are all said to be sourced from natural sources. One 80ml pop contains 70 calories and is available in 6-packs in retailers across Canada including Walmart for an RRP of $3.79 CAD.

Image by 40 Below Foods via Popsicle

Nestle Launch Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream, Malaysia

Having previously seen success with their KitKat and OREO ice cream launches, Nestle has also released a Nescafe Gold Cappuccino Ice Cream bar in the Malaysian market. Nestle’s Cappuccino Ice Cream sticks feature a delicious Nescafe Gold soft coffee coating surrounding a rich and smooth coffee and vanilla flavoured ice cream.

Available in packs of 12 x 85ml at an RRP of RM54.00 (€11.50 / $12.37 USD), the new bar comes wrapped in paper packaging that can be recycled.

Image by Minime Insights

Jeni’s Grey Sunshine for Mental Health Movement, USA

Jeni’s have brought back their grey ice cream pint called ‘Sunshine’ as a way of raising awareness of the importance of mental health and to support the great work carried out by On Our Sleeves, a movement to break the stigma around children’s mental health conversations.

Sales of their ‘Sunshine’ pint, that has a sun-kissed lemon, sweet-tart tangerine and passion fruit flavour that “tastes like sunshine on a cloudy day” according to the brand, will lead to a $25k USD donation to ‘On Our Sleeves’ and 30,000 Kindness Kits for children across the US.


Would You Dare to Taste Chipotle Hot Sauce Ice Cream? USA

Double Rainbow ice cream has partnered with fellow Bay Area brand, Tia Lupita Foods to create one of the hottest ice cream flavours of 2022, literally! Their new launch is a Chipotle Chocolate Chip pint made with Double Rainbow’s rich chocolate ice cream and fudge chips blended with the smoky heat of Tia Lupita’s Chipotle Hot Sauce. The fiery flavour is now available for purchase on both and for $8.99 USD (€8.34).

Brown Lemonade Flavour Brings Nostalgia to Belfast, Ireland

Brown lemonade ice cream is one of the newest flavours in the pipeline at Northern Irish ice cream Company, Betty’s Ice Cream. Brown lemonade, a non-alcoholic Northern Irish drink made with brown sugar became popular in Belfast shipyards after they banned alcohol, and now Betty’s Ice Cream has added this nostalgic flavour to their product portfolio.

Launching to industry experts at a Belfast Barge event, Founder of Betty’s, Bethany Boyd, hopes that this early stage flavour will soon become popular enough to add to their online store and be picked up by local retailers.

Japanese Sweet Potato Potong, Singapore

King’s Potong has launched a new limited-edition flavour with their Japanese Sweet Potato Potong Ice Cream. The Japanese sweet potato stick is filled with a sweetened creamer core providing consumers with a variety of textures in each pop.

The new flavour will be available in the Singapore market in packs of 6 x 60ml potong pops retailing at S$7.60 (€5.16 / $5.56 USD). A single serve option is also available in certain retailers for S$1.40 (€0.95 / $1 USD).

Image by Minime Insights


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