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What’s New in May: Vegan Ice Cream Innovations

Take five minutes today to scroll through some of the latest plant-based frozen desserts on the market this month!

Our May Vegan Pick Of The Month is McDonald’s Newest Vegan McFlurry featuring Nestle’s Vegan KitKat. Plant-based and non-dairy products are well and truly mainstream by now and we are loving seeing all of the new creations and innovations as they come out.

In this article, you will read about:


New Vegan KitKat McFlurry, Germany

Aligning with McDonald’s mission to do better for the planet, the Company has launched a vegan KitKat McFlurry in their German stores. Coming in at 411 calories at a price point of €3.99, the new McFlurry will feature a vegan chocolate soft serve base with a fruity-sweet vegan strawberry sauce and crispy vegan chocolate KitKat wafer pieces.


DreamPops Drops New ‘Bites’ Flavours, USA

DreamPops are adding two new flavours to their snackable ‘Dream Bites’ range: Mint Chip and Banana Cream. Featuring a creamy base coated in vegan chocolate, these frozen dessert bites are perfect for on-the-go snacking. Featuring 22 bites per tub, they are also dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.

According to Founder & CEO, David Greenfield, the new flavours, containing only 90 and 80 calories (respectively) per serving and 5g of sugar, will be making their way onto the market next month.

Brusters Changes From Coconut to Oat Base for Vegan Line, USA

Brusters, an American ice cream parlour chain is relaunching their non-dairy frozen dessert line with oat milk instead of the previously used coconut milk due to the higher level of creaminess that oat milk provides, according to the Company. The non-dairy line includes 14 flavours, a mixed selection of which can be found at Bruster’s stores across the US.

Non-Dairy flavours include: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Coffee Chocolate, Cookies ‘n Cream, Mango, Mint Chocolate Chip, Peach Melba, Peanut Butter & Oreo, Strawberry Banana, Strawberry, Vanilla, Banana, and White Raspberry Truffle. Prices per size and format range vary from store to store across the country but typically fall anywhere between $5 - $7 USD per pint.

Image by Vegconomist via Brusters

Abbot Kinney’s Adds Two Decadent Dairy-Free Flavours, The Netherlands

Plant-based Dutch company, Abbot Kinney’s has added two new flavours to their vegan ice cream range. ‘Salted Caramel Pecan’ - made with ice cold creamy coconut mixed with a caramel swirl, pinch of sea salt and pieces of caramelised pecans - and ‘Cocoa Hazelnut Crunch’ - made by mixing ice cold coconut cream with a chocolate swirl and caramelised hazelnut chunks. Available in 475ml tubs and using coconut as their base, all of their vegan ice creams are lactose-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and organic.

Mercadona Adds More Vegan Ice Cream to Freezers, Spain

One of Spain’s most prominent supermarkets, Mercadona has extended their private label vegan ice cream offering to include a new peanut-flavoured product. Available in both Mercadona stores and online, a 340g tub of their new peanut frozen dessert sells for €2.50. Boasting 253 calories per 100g, the new SKU joins a growing line of other vegan frozen desserts in the supermarket including fruit pops, mini chocolate ice cream sticks, and mango mochi.

Chloe’s Launches New Pops with Marvel Universe Packaging, USA

US frozen dessert brand, Chloe’s who are known for their delicious dairy-free desserts have brought three new dairy-free products to the US market.

  • Strawberry Mango Pops, available in Marvel Universe-themed packaging featuring a selection of iconic Avengers characters. 40 calories per 46g pop.

  • Lemon-Lime & Orange Pops, also available in Marvel Universe-themed packaging featuring Spider-Man and Ghost-Spider. 40 calories per 46g pop.

  • No Sugar Added Grape Pops containing a unique blend of sugar substitutes including monk fruit and allulose. 50 calories per 67g pop.

Made with a variety of fruits, water and cane sugar, Chloe’s Pops contain no stabilisers, additives, or any artificial ingredients. The Marvel Universe Pops are available via Chloe’s online store for $6.59 USD per box of 10 pops, and the Grape Pops are available via online retailers in the US for $6.99 USD per box of 4 pops.

Image by Trend Hunter via Chloe’s

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