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What’s New in June: Vegan Ice Cream Innovations

We are back with your monthly update of everything new, exciting, and innovative in the vegan and plant-based frozen dessert industry!

Our June Vegan Pick Of The Month is Dear Bella Creamery’s partnership with Brightland to create a stunningly delicious-sounding vegan peach ice cream made with slow-roasted peach bits and Champagne Vinegar. Read more about this enticing flavour below!

In this article, you will read about:


Nomou and Elbour create plant-based, diabetic-friendly ice cream, India

Vegan ice cream brand, Nomou, has partnered with Elbour, a company that produces diabetic-friendly chocolates and snacks, to create a range of ice creams which are diabetic friendly. The low glycemic-index ice creams have launched in two flavours: Strawberry; and Chocolate Macadamia, with plans to release a jamun (also known as an Indian blackberry)-flavoured ice cream soon as well.

Indian customers can find the plant-based ice creams in 500ml tubs for Rs. 850 (€10.46 / $10.90 USD) across many online and offline retailers across the country including Nature’s Basket, Foodhall, Nature’s Soul, Evoke, Planetarium, Wildermart, as well as Zomato and Swiggy.

Image by House of TMM

InnovoPro and Milkadamia Create Chickpea Protein Ice Cream, Israel / Australia

Israeli foodtech company, InnovoPro and Australian-born, plant-focused brand, Milkadamia have joined forces to launch a dairy-free ice cream made from chickpeas. Created as a clean-label recipe with InnovoPro’s CP-Pro 70® protein, the new chickpea ice cream, as well as being more environmentally-friendly, is free from soy, gluten, and GMO. The companies had the opportunity to present the new ice cream at a recent United Nations event for foreign Ambassadors, in association with The Good Food Institute.

Image by Vegconomist via InnovoPro

Eva’s Original Chimney’s Helps The Care Bears Celebrate Their Birthday, Canada

The iconic children’s brand will be teaming up with several vegan brands to create birthday celebration treats for the Care Bears 40th anniversary this year. Eva’s Original Chimneys will be one of the businesses partnering with the brand and they will be serving up limited-edition Care Bears-inspired vegan (and dairy) soft-serve ice cream in Chimney Cones at select locations across Canada. For more information on their other partnerships, see here.

Beechdean Launches Plant-Based Dog Ice Cream at Aldi, UK

From June 16th, pet parents in the UK will be able to get their hands on plant-based dog ice cream at Aldi stores across the nation. The doggy ice cream, made by ice cream group, Beechdean, will be available in two flavours: Pea & Vanilla and Apple & Carrot. Both flavours are made with real fruit and vegetables and will be on sale for £2.99 for a pack of four (110ml each).

The Local Farm offers locally-grown vegetable ice cream, Singapore

The Local Farm (TLF) is a company based in Singapore that aims to make local produce more accessible to residents and they have now expanded into gelato thanks to a partnership with local gelato store, Papitto Gelato.

Their first flavours, made from locally-grown vegetables and 100% gluten-free, include: Arugula Oat, Kale Coconut, Pineapple Baby Spinach Sorbet, and Round Spinach flavour, all of which are vegan with the exception of the Round Spinach.


Metro’s Expansive New Vegan Portfolio for 2022, Canada

Canadian Retailer, Metro is in the process of launching an impressive collection of brand new vegan frozen desserts for 2022. The new vegan line comprises 9 new additions, made with either an oat or coconut base, which will join 2 of their vegan chocolate coated bars from last year. The new releases will include:

  • [PINT] Chocolate Brownies Frozen Dessert, oat-based and retailing at $6.49 CAD (€4.82 / $5.02 USD) per 500ml tub.

  • [PINT] Berry Flavoured Frozen Cheesecake, coconut-based and retailing at $6.49 CAD (€4.82 / $5.02 USD) per 500ml tub.

  • [PINT] Peanut Butter and Chocolate Flavoured Frozen Dessert, oat-based and retailing at $6.49 CAD (€4.82 / $5.02 USD) per 500ml tub.

  • [BAR] Berry Flavoured Non-Dairy Ice Cream Bars in a chocolatey coating, coconut-based and retailing at $3.99 CAD (€2.97 / $3.09 USD) per pack of 3x90ml.

  • [BAR] Triple Chocolate Flavoured Non-Dairy Ice Cream Bars in a chocolatey coating, coconut-based and retailing at $3.99 CAD (€2.97 / $3.09 USD) per pack of 3x90ml.

  • [BAR] Colombian Coffee Flavoured Non-Dairy Ice Cream Bars, oat-based and retailing at $3.99 CAD (€2.97 / $3.09 USD) per pack of 6x60ml.

  • [BAR] Strawberry and Banana Dairy Free Ice Cream Bars, oat-based and retailing at $3.99 CAD (€2.97 / $3.09 USD) per pack of 6x60ml.

  • [ROUND SANDWICH] Vanilla with Chocolate Chips Flavoured Lactose-Free Ice Cream Sandwich, oat-based and retailing at $3.99 CAD (€2.97 / $3.09 USD) per pack of 4x100ml.

  • [ROUND SANDWICH] Vanilla Choco-Chip Oreo Cookie, oat-based and retailing at $3.99 CAD (€2.97 / $3.09 USD) per pack of 4x100ml.

Images by Metro Canada

GoodPops Frozen Fudge n’ Vanilla Square Novelties, USA

GoodPop, for the third time this year, have released another fantastic new frozen dessert innovation in the form of Fudge n' Vanilla Squares, made with creamy vanilla oatmilk ice cream and coated in chocolate fudge. These 130 calorie dairy free, vegan, lower-sugar, lower-calorie, and non-GMO frozen novelties will be available to US customers in the freezers of Sprouts Farmers Market or Whole Foods Market for $4.99 USD to $5.99 USD per 9-ounce 4-pack.

New Silly Tubes by Hershey’s Ice Cream, USA

Hershey's Ice Cream are launching their new SillyTubes brand for summer. ‘Wild Monster Melon’ is a watermelon-flavoured fruit juice pop, made with real fruit juice, and natural colours and flavours. The pops, coming in at 2.75oz each, are approved for K-12 schools as a smart snack, according to Zach Waite, Director of Strategic Growth and Innovation at Hershey Creamery Company.

Happy Pops Take Pride in New Packaging, Canada

Happy Pops in Canada have re-launched their Rainbow Ice Pop during Pride Month with a brand new pack design. Previously introduced as a limited edition flavour, it has become so popular that the brand likes to keep it in stock as much as possible throughout the year. Taking 6 times longer than any other flavour to create, the Rainbow Happy Pop flash freezes each strip of fruit flavour to create the layer-by-layer design. The ice pops are available in retailers across Canada for $9.99 CAD (€7.36 / $7.71 USD) as well as through their online store.

Image by Happy Pops

Venchi’s Vegan Gelato Flavours, UK

London-goers will now be able to try vegan versions of Venchi’s best selling gelato flavours at the brand’s beautiful Chocogelateria stores in the city. Venchi, an Italian luxury chocolate manufacturer has introduced the following flavours as vegan alternatives:

  • Mixed Berries: blending raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, red currant puree and water for a light-tasting vegan gelato.

  • Nocciola Piemonte IGP: a new version of Venchi’s classic hazelnut gelato that is made with water instead of milk alongside their premium-quality Piedmont Hazelnut.

  • Pistachio di Bronte: incorporates a rich-tasting, water-based pistachio cream.

  • Lemon & Liquorice: combining citrusy lemon (using real lemon juice) and deep liquorice flavours.

Gelato prices start at £14.50 for a small 500g tub.


Dear Bella Creamery and Brightland’s Peach & Champagne Vinegar Ice Cream, USA

Vegan LA-based ice cream shop, Dear Bella Creamery, has partnered with premium olive oil & vinegar brand, Brightland, to launch a Brightland & Dear Bella Gift Box. The Gift Box features a new vegan ice cream creation: ‘Brightland Champagne Vinegar Peach Crisp’, made with caramelized peach ice cream, slow-roasted peach compote, almond-pecan oat crisp crumble, and Brightland’s PARASOL Champagne-Vinegar.

The limited-edition flavour is only available until August, so you will need to move quickly if you want to try it! Luckily, Dear Bella Creamery recently announced that their entire plant-based ice cream line is now available for nationwide shipping in the US so you can order the gift box online for $65 USD (€62) and you will receive 2 pints of Brightland Champagne Vinegar Peach Crisp Ice Cream, one bottle of Brightland’s PARASOL Champagne Vinegar, ALIVE Olive Oil, and one jar of Housemade Bee-Free Honeecomb.

Got a new frozen dessert and would like to be featured in our next vegan frozen dessert round-up?

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