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What’s New in May: Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

Summer is so close in the Northern Hemisphere that we can practically taste it. And this is exactly what ice cream brands are hoping you’ll do!

With so many new releases just in time for the sunny season ahead, choosing our Pick of the Month was difficult. Even so, we loved what Baskin Robbins is doing to celebrate the exciting upcoming movie release IF and decided to reward it for its newest ice cream lineup!

Read below to discover more about this release and other global debuts.


Sakura Ice Cream Debuts at Baskin Robbins! Japan

In celebration of the recent cherry blossom season, Baskin-Robbins Japan debuted special springtime treats, including a return of Sakura ice cream!

The taste of sakura mochi sweets inspires the beloved flavor, which contains actual cherry blossoms for a little extra sweetness. Other flavors to join the brand’s spring menu include:

  • Burgandy Cherry,

  • Cotton Candy Pastel, and

  • Matcha Brownie.

Each flavor was available for a limited time, with the Sakura flavor only available until May 8.

Cadbury and Peters Ice Cream Create Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut Tub! Australia

Following the popularity of their Cadbury Crème Egg Tub release, Cadbury and Peters Ice Cream has done it again! This time, the duo partnered to create the new Cadbury Dairy Milk Hazelnut Tub, an ‘irresistible frozen dessert.’

Each 460mL tub contains milk chocolate pieces, hazelnuts, and chocolate ice cream, filled with a creamy hazelnut-flavoured Cadbury Dairy Milk core.

Look for it in Coles and Woolworths stores for $7.50AUS ($4.97USD).

High-Protein Ice Cream Bars from The Brooklyn Creamery ME! Dubai

Dubai-based The Brooklyn Creamery ME has excitedly announced its latest launch to UAE: High-Protein Ice Cream Bars!

Each high-protein, chocolate-covered delight contains five grams of protein, no added sugars, and only 125 calories. Find them in the following three flavors: Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Peanut Caramel, and Cookies & Cream.

The bars are exclusively available in the UAE on noon minutes, the region’s leading e-commerce platform.

Expanded Handheld Range from Wall’s! United Kingdom

Wall’s latest release includes three new handheld products:

  • Twister Berry-licious: An iconic shape and innovative flavor containing natural fruit juice, no artificial flavors or colors, and only 68 calories per stick. The first ice cream in the market to naturally color tongues blue! A 4x70mL pack retails for £2.50 ($3.19USD).

  • Cornetto Soft Stracciatella and Caramel: Indulgent stracciatella and caramel toppings and sauce inside a brand-new crunchy cocoa wafer cone. A 4x140ml pack retails for £3.75 ($4.79USD).

  • Three Guuud Greek Style Yoghurt Ice Cream flavors: The newest flavors in this yogurt-style ice cream range – Raspberry, Salted Caramel, and Passionfruit – contain only 68 calories each! Each 3x70mL pack retails for £3.75 ($4.79USD).

You can find them at leading retailers across the UK.

Image Sources: Here and Here

New: McDonald's Grandma McFlurry! United States

McDonald’s recently launched a new limited-edition McFlurry flavor that ‘tastes like a trip down memory lane’: the Grandma McFlurry!

The pink-flavored, 600-calorie treat is made from reduced-fat vanilla ice cream and butterscotch-flavored crumbles and syrup.

The newest McFlurry flavor is available to order while supplies last at participating locations.

Salt & Straw Release Spring 2024 May Flower Menu! United States

Since 2012, Portland-based Salt & Straw has celebrated warmer weather with a seasonal spring menu. And this year is no different! The spring 2024 May Flower menu includes six flowery spring flavors:

  • Jasmine Milk Tea Almond Stracciatella: Fine jasmine tea infused in cream and sugar, with slivers of chocolate-coated almonds throughout.

  • Pistachio with Saffron & Rose Water: An intensely flavored pairing of classic pistachio ice cream and house-baked saffron-laced mochi cake glazed in a perfectly balanced rosewater frosting.

  • Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise: A unique combination of first-of-the-season rhubarb baked with a splash of orange juice and a family-secret blend of spices, topped with caramelized anise crumble, and folded into vanilla ice cream.

  • Lemon Mari Gold Amaro Sherbet: The perfect summer spritz sherbet merging citrus notes, amaro (an herb-infused liquor), and pieces of homemade, light, fluffy lemon marshmallows.

  • Spinach Cake with Chocolate Tahini Fudge: A fluffy golden-green cake containing spinach and slathered with chocolate frosting, then crumbled into a vanilla ice cream with house-made tahini fudge.

  • Green Fennel and Maple (Only available in Washington): A vibrant green hue crafted from roasted fennel seeds, infused with the essence of fennel pollen and freshly juiced leaves, and sweetened with maple syrup.

The five-pack ‘Flowers Series’ is available online for $75.00USD, with nationwide delivery available.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches from Ruby Jewel! United States

Ruby Jewel’s new mini ice cream sandwiches promise to ‘make moments sweeter!’ The mini-sized treats are a smaller version of the brand’s standard-sized sandwiches, available in their two top-selling flavors:

  • Lemon Lavender: Lemon cookies with Honey Lavender ice cream

  • The Classic: Chocolate chip cookies with Vanilla Bean ice cream

Find the 3x79ml packs of Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches at New Seasons, Gelson's, and Nugget Markets.

Waffle Ice Cream Taco from Cold Stone Creamery! United States

Cold Stone Creamery is launching a one-of-a-kind treat: the Waffle Ice Cream Taco! Releasing just in time for Taco Tuesday (April 30), the treat offers a new way to celebrate a love of tacos!

Inside each freshly made waffle taco shell, you'll find a combination of signature Sweet Cream Ice Cream, rich, creamy chocolate, and crunchy peanuts.

The limited-time offer was available until May 5 at Cold Stone locations nationwide.

Two New Flavors for Summer from Baskin Robbins! United States

The latest two debuts from Baskin-Robbins promise a ‘Carnival in a Cup!’ The new exclusive menu lineup – inspired by Paramount Pictures' film IF  is available for a limited time only while supplies last.

To capture the excitement over the upcoming movie, the ice cream chain debuted two brand new Flavors of the Month based on the movie’s characters:

  • Blossom's Berry Twirl: Strawberry and sweet cream ice cream flavors with rainbow sprinkles and pink sugar cookie dough flowers.

  • Blue’s Boardwalk Bash: Blue raspberry flavored ice cream, crunchy OREO Cookie Pieces, and cotton candy swirls.

The ice creamery even offers the option to transform its newest flavors into Blue or Blossom Creature Creations®. These treats come in a special cup with a character-inspired white chocolate topper.

Ice cream and movie fans can also purchase the What IF? Sundae. This treat features confetti cake, Blossom’s Berry Twirl, sweet strawberry topping, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry.

A double scoop of the Flavors of the Month costs $6.29-$7.19USD, whereas the What IF? Sundae goes for $8.09USD. The Creature Creations retail for $4.99USD.

The latest debuts are available nationwide and can be ordered in person, online, or through the BR App while supplies last.

Two Flavors of Central Smith Ice Cream Bars! Canada

Check out these incredible new products from Canada-based Central Smith! Marking the brand’s first entry into the retail space are two flavors of Ice Cream Bars:

  • Monster Cookie Ice Cream Bars: Vibrant blue cookie dough flavored ice cream with cookie crumb pieces covered in a chocolatey coating. 

  • French Vanilla Ice Cream Bars: Rich French Vanilla flavored ice cream with crushed vanilla bean covered in chocolatey coating with pieces of almonds.

Order them online for $5.99CDN ($4.39 USD) for a 4x64g box, or find them at select retailers in Ontario.


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