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What’s New in May: Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

With only two weeks left until summer begins here in the northern hemisphere, grocery store shelves are being stocked with the newest products in the ice cream world. And from tea-inspired ice cream to mocha chip mochi, there’s a ton to choose from!

With so many new debuts, choosing this month’s Pick of the Month was extra challenging – but we give the spot to India-based Milky Mist Dairy’s new line of ice cream products. Featuring tubs, cones, sticks, and sandwiches, we welcome this newcomer to the ice cream family!

To learn more about what to stock your personal freezer with this month, let’s review some of the most recent debuts from around the world!


New Line of Ice Cream from Milky Mist Dairy! India

Grocery store shelves, make room! India-based Milky Mist Dairy is launching an innovative line of ice cream (150+ SKUS!) that offers indulgent flavors and creamy textures. Using only the finest ingredients, the ice cream is rich, creamy, and bursting with flavors. Choose from a wide variety, including classic flavors such as vanilla and chocolate, to exotic ones like mango frosty fusion and doom litchi.

The brand offers ice cream in various sizes (750mL, 1L, and 1.75L), with cones, sticks, and sandwiches available to enjoy.

Häagen-Dazs Launches Afternoon Tea-Inspired Ice Cream Flavors, UK

Get ready to enjoy an extra special something at your afternoon tea! Häagen-Dazs’s new limited-edition collection of ice cream – inspired by tea flavors – is available in two flavors: Orange and Pomegranate Tart and Blooming Blueberry Tart.

The first combines a blood orange ice cream flavor with a pink pomegranate swirl, creating a rich and citrusy flavor, whereas the latter has a creamy blueberry ice cream with subtle floral notes and thick blueberry swirls. Both feature soft biscuit tart pieces. As an extra bonus, each pack will have a QR code that promises to bring the afternoon tea experience to life in a fun and interactive manner!

You can purchase the flavors from Ocado in 460 mL tubs for £5.25 ($6.50 USD).

Mackie’s of Scotland Debuts Toffee Fudge Ice Cream, Scotland

Toffee fudge – the newest ice cream flavor from Mackie’s of Scotland – is available in Scottish Tesco stores and Ocado across England and Wales. Made using fresh milk from the company’s dairy cows in Aberdeenshire, the ice cream contains a special hand-made toffee sauce and chewy fudge pieces.

The ice cream was created after the brand conducted extensive customer research to narrow down popular flavor ideas. Toffee fudge proved to be the most popular! See for yourself by purchasing a 1L tub for £4.25 ($5.27 USD).

Mocha Chip Joins the Bubbies Ice Cream Family! United States

Bubbies Ice Cream is adding a new mochi flavor to its family – Mocha Chip! Known for its all-natural premium ingredients and indulgent taste, the newest flavor offers a unique twist on the coffee ice creams before it. Containing only 90 calories per piece, Mocha Chip is created by wrapping creamy coffee ice cream and chocolate chips with chocolate mochi dough. The coffee blend includes Hawaii-based Kona Coffee, and the ice cream is certified gluten-free and non-GMO.

Ice cream lovers can find Mocha Chip at Whole Foods nationwide and at additional retailers for a suggested retail price of $5.99-$6.99 USD per 6x1.25oz box.

Blue Bell’s Introduces Its Newest Flavor, Dr Pepper Float, United States

Blue Bell Ice Cream recently announced its newest debut, a float-flavored ice cream! Dr Pepper Float is available in pint (for $3.97 USD) and half-gallon (for approximately $8.00 USD) cartons from now until the end of the year at most locations of Fry's, Target, Walmart, Bashas, and Safeway across the South. Containing a smooth, creamy vanilla-based ice cream swirled with Dr Pepper-flavored sherbet, the new concoction brings two beloved Southern brands together for an oh-so-sweet ice cream collaboration.

New Novelty Bars from Hudsonville Ice Cream! United States

Michigan-based Hudsonville Ice Cream has expanded its product line to include three flavors of novelty bars!

  • Strawberry Shortcake: Rich strawberry ice cream with fluffy yellow cake pieces, dipped in smooth white chocolate coating

  • Vanilla Milk Chocolate: Real vanilla ice cream dipped in a rich milk chocolate shell

  • Salted Caramel: Salted caramel-flavored ice cream with a swirl of salted caramel, dipped in milk chocolate coating

Enjoy the new novelty product in a 4x3oz pack from select retail locations nationwide for $4.88-$5.49 USD. Image Source

Blue Bunny and Stuffed Puffs Deliver New Frozen Dessert Products, United States

The newest frozen dessert products from a collaboration between Wells Enterprises, Inc.’s Blue Bunny brand and Stuffed Puffs Filled Marshmallows used campfires as its inspiration!

The scoopable Blue Bunny Stuffed Puffs are available at Walmart and grocery stores for a suggested retail price of $4.48 USD. Stuffed Puffs are marshmallows stuffed with milk chocolate and are available in the following flavors:

  • S’mores: Graham-flavored marshmallow frozen dairy dessert with graham cracker and fudge swirls and chocolate-flavored chips

  • Cookies 'N Crème: Marshmallow-flavored frozen dairy dessert with marshmallow swirls and cookie pieces

  • Birthday Cake: Cake batter-flavored marshmallow frozen dairy dessert with marshmallow swirls, cake pieces, and candy sprinkles

A second product debut, Blue Bunny Stuffed Puffs s’mores sandwiches, are also available at Walmart and grocery stores in two flavors: Classic S’Mores (graham-flavored marshmallow frozen dairy dessert with fudge swirls between two graham crackers) and Salted Caramel S’Mores (graham-flavored marshmallow frozen dairy dessert with salted caramel swirls between two graham wafers). The sandwiches come in a four-pack with a suggested retail price of $4.98 USD.

Want to be featured in our next dairy ice cream round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice with more details!



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