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What’s New in June: Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

With June 21st (Summer Solstice) now come and gone, summer is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere! And don’t all the best summertime memories end with an ice cream treat?

To get our summers off to a great start, let’s check out some of the newest Dairy Ice Cream releases from around the world. Taking the top pic as June’s Pick of the Month is a fun new popsicle from MercandIce that combines strawberry, coke, and football! Let's dive in for more information about this treat and many others!


MerchandIce Releases the Benefica Football Squeezer, The Netherlands

Do you like football? Do you like strawberries and coke? And do you like the taste of victory? The Benfica Football Squeezer from MerchandIce is now available nationwide in Portugal at Auchan Retail and soon at CONTINENTE SA!

Find a 6x80mL pack of these popsicles for €4,99 ($5.44 USD).

Van Leeuwen’s Keith Haring Ice Cream Celebrates Pride Month, United States

Artisanal creamery Van Leeuwen does it again with the creation of Passion Fruit Berry Pop! This colorful flavor honors the pop-art sensibilities of the late Haring's most famous works!

The mix of blue raspberry ice cream and yellow passion fruit ice cream contains swirls of strawberry jam and is housed in Keith Haring artwork packaging.

Enjoy the flavor by scoop or pint until the end of August at Van Leeuwen scoop shops and select grocery stores in the Tri-State area.

Mini Melts Ice Cream Announces the Release of Two New Flavors, United States

Mini Melts Ice Cream, producer of premium beaded ice cream treats, released two new irresistible flavors, Cake Pop and Brownie Blast.

The Cake Pop flavor is the perfect addition to any celebration and makes every bite a party in your mouth! The flavor combines bite-size vanilla cake dipped in frosting with colorful sprinkles and birthday cake-flavored ice cream.

The Brownie Blast flavor is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. With chunks of brownie and premium chocolate pieces mixed into rich chocolate ice cream, the brand promises an unforgettable experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Find the two flavors exclusively in prepackaged cups at Wawa convenience stores.

Togo Brings Together Barilla and Algida in a Special Cone, Italy

Algida and Barilla’s partnership brings the arrival of a delicious novelty just in time for summer: the Togo Cone. The ice cream cone contains authentic Togo biscuit that offers a crunchiness texture and creamy ice cream made with high-quality fresh Italian milk.

Like the rest of its range, the Togo Cone packaging is recyclable. In particular, the lid and the product wrapping are made entirely of paper.

The 110mL cone, available nationwide, retails for €3.30 ($3.59 USD).

New Ice Cream Bars from BeaverTails, Canada

BeaverTails Canada Inc.’s new ice cream bars were inspired by the brand’s iconic ‘Avalanche’ BeaverTails pastry. Coated in creamy chocolate and containing ice cream with a decadent caramel crunch, the sweet treat promises happiness you can taste!

Pick up a 12x88mL box of the treats at select Costco locations in Eastern Canada for $14.99 CDN ($11.31 USD).

Baskin Robbins Launches Cookie Monster Ice Cream, United States

Baskin Robbins’ newest flavor, Cookie Monster, offers a creamy, crunchy, and chewy experience! As the ultimate cookie combo, the new flavor contains sweet cream ice cream stuffed with a mix of chocolate sandwich cookie pieces, chocolate chip cookie pieces, and a cookie dough batter-flavored swirl. Bright blue in color, the ice cream is also visually surprising.

The new flavor will be available for a limited period at stores nationwide.

KitKat x Baskin Robbins Choco Mint Ice Cream Flavor, Japan

A fun collaboration between KitKat and Baskin Robbins in Japan has resulted in a mint chocolate ice cream-flavored KitKat bar!

This new KitKat has cocoa cream sandwiched between wafers and is enveloped in mint ice cream-flavored chocolate.

Set to be a hit in Japan, the dessert will be sold in bags of ten for ¥540 ($3.73 USD) at supermarkets and drugstores nationwide. Convenience stores will sell single mini KitKat bars for ¥54 ($0.37 USD).

Tnuva’s YOLO Ice Cream Debuts! United States

Since 1926, Tnuva has been leading as the world's

largest kosher food manufacturer. Its USA division's newest release, YOLO ice cream, is available in four amazing flavors:

  • Blond & Pretzels Bar: A unique, one-of-a-kind product in the kosher market, it features vanilla ice cream made with white chocolate and a salted caramel ripple, coated with caramelized white chocolate and salted pretzel pieces

  • Chocolate & Cookies Bar: Creamy vanilla ice cream made with white chocolate and chocolate cookie pieces, coated with more milk chocolate and chocolate cookie pieces

  • Vanilla Ice Cream Cone: Made with white chocolate and includes a yummy surprise inside: a milk chocolate and nougat core, topped with a white chocolate disc

  • Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cone: Vanilla ice cream made with white chocolate and combined with pieces of everybody’s favorite chocolate cream cookies, topped with a milk chocolate disc

YOLO ice cream cones and bars are cholov Yisroel, meaning they’re made using milk that a rabbi supervises throughout the milking process.

The bars are in a 4x60mL pack for $11.79 USD, and the cones are in a 5x120mL pack for $13.99 USD.

Image Sources: Here and Here

Graeter’s Ice Cream Announces Another Limited-Time Bonus Flavor, United States

Lemon Meringue Pie takes the title as the third of five secret bonus flavors to be released this year from Graeter's Ice Cream!

The brand’s newest flavor features tart lemon candies combined with crunchy pie crust pieces in a lemon marshmallow ice cream.

Graeter’s also adding a “secret menu” item, the Lemon Meringue Pie Sundae. The sundae is a limited-time offering, crafted with white bundt cake, strawberry and marshmallow topping, and the Lemon Meringue Pie ice cream.

The flavor is available for as long as it lasts in scoop shops and online. Online, choose from a 6-pint cooler for $79.95 USD or a 12-pint cooler for $119.95 USD.

Myprotein Launches 3 New High-Protein Ice Cream Flavors, Iceland

The new ice cream range from sport nutrition brand Myprotein includes three flavors: salted caramel, chocolate, and vanilla. By containing 99 kcal and 10.9g of protein per each 1/3 tub serving, the new range caters to health-conscious consumers.

Find the exclusive-to-Iceland treat at Iceland Foods for £4.00 ($5.04 USD) for 500ml.

Want to be featured in our next dairy ice cream round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice with more details!



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