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What’s New in May: Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert Innovations 

Another month is here, and with it, comes more exciting non-dairy frozen dessert debuts!

This month, our Pick of the Month goes to Sweet Nothings’ Frozen Dessert Pops. Available in three enticing flavors, each pop is a convenient treat to enjoy on the go.

Let’s dive in to learn more about this debut – and many others – by reading below!


Selecta's New Refreshing Ice Cream Sticks! Philippines

Selecta Philippines is ready for summer! The brand has released a variety of new treats, including:

  • Orange Blast Popsicles: Made with real orange fruit and containing Vitamin C

  • Watermelon Slice: Made with real watermelon extracts and choco chips for added crunch

  • Selecta Coco Ube: A 2-in-1 Coco popsicle filled with Creamy Ube frozen dessert on the inside

  • Selecta Coco Melon: A 2-in-1 Coco popsicle filled with Creamy Melon frozen dessert on the inside

  • Selecta Paddlepop Tornado Grape: A grape-flavored popsicle with spiral peelable jelly

  • New and improved Selecta Cookies & Cream: A blend of velvety vanilla ice cream intertwined with decadent chocolate cookie bits

NOMOO Releases Two Premium Bars! Germany

Joyghurt Strawberry and Coconut Passion Fruit are the two newest premium bars to be launched by NOMOO!

Each super creamy frozen dessert flavor is available in a three-pack exclusively at Kaufland for €3.99 ($4.33USD).

Two New Sun Lolly Limited-Edition Flavors! Denmark

Summer has arrived in Denmark, and so, too, have new refreshing Sun Lolly flavors!

The ‘quirky triangular ice lollies’ are now available in Elderflower and Strawberry/Lime. Limited-edition, the two new additions are available in stores across the nation.

Aldi’s Popular Doggy Ice Cream Returns! United Kingdom

As of May 13, Aldi has started selling its famous Doggy Ice Cream nationwide – but it likely won’t last long. The first time it launched, the supermarket sold 30 tubs every minute!

Each 110mL four-pack (which costs £2.99/$3.82 USD) comes in two flavors: Pea & Vanilla and Carrot & Apple.

The nutritious snack is 100 percent plant-based and made with real fruit and vegetables.

Pink Albatross’ New Frozen Dessert Range! Spain

Pink Albatross has done it again – this time with a new range of creamy frozen dessert bars!

The brand has released two new fruit popsicles, which are completely natural and contain at least 53 percent fruit. Two ‘naturally amazing’ flavors are available in a 4x65mL pack: Mango & Passion Fruit and Strawberry & Raspberry, each for €3.70 ($4.02USD).

In addition, Pink Albatross is launching a four-pack of mini bars containing 100 percent natural ingredients. Each bar has a crunchy chocolate coating surrounding velvety chocolate or hazelnut frozen dessert. The 4x50ml pack is available in the following flavors: Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut and Belgian Double Chocolate for €4.27 ($4.64USD).

Look for the new products at leading retailers in Spain and Portugal.

Walmart Launches Plant-Based Frozen Dessert Line! United States

Walmart has finally entered the vegan space with its new brand, Bettergoods! Products within Walmart’s new private label brand are satisfaction guaranteed.

The range’s plant-based, non-dairy frozen dessert is available in a variety of flavors, including:

  • Salted Caramel Oatmilk: A delightful combination of sweet caramel and a touch of sea salt swirled into creamy oat milk

  • Vanilla Oatmilk: Indonesian vanilla artfully infused into creamy oat milk

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Oatmilk: A classic combination of chocolate chips and refreshing mint folded into creamy oat milk

  • Strawberry Oatmilk: Sun-ripened strawberries blended in creamy oat milk

  • Chocolate Oatmilk: An indulgent blend of rich chocolate and creamy oat milk

  • Blueberry Swirl Oatmilk: Sweet ripe blueberries swirled with blueberry jam and infused in creamy oat milk

  • Coffee Oatmilk: The perfect balance of rich coffee blended with the smooth texture of oat milk

Each 473mL pint retails for $3.62USD (making it the most affordable oat milk frozen dessert on the market!). Find the new product nationwide.

Cosmic Bliss and Hailey Bieber Create Strawberry Glaze Frozen Dessert! United States

For a limited time, you can sample Hailey Bieber’s viral smoothie as a decadent frozen dessert!

Created using Cosmic Bliss’ all-organic, plant-based frozen dessert, the treat is available exclusively at Erewhon.

The organic, clean-label, and dairy-free flavor contains coconut milk, coconut cream, coconut syrup, coconut, vanilla, and strawberries. Purchase a 414mL pint for $10.99USD.


New Sweet Nothings Frozen Dessert Pops! United States

With only 3-4 real ingredients and no added sugar, Sweet Nothings’ Frozen Dessert Pops may become your ‘new favorite healthy indulgence’ according to the brand! Three craveable flavors are available:

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup: Organic dates, organic peanut butter, organic cacao, and sea salt

  • Peanut Butter & Jelly: Organic strawberries, organic dates, and organic peanut butter

  • Banana Chocolate Peanut Butter: Organic dates, organic peanut butter, organic cacao, and sea salt

Perfect for on-the-go, these Dessert Pops come in six pre-blended 1.5 oz. tubes. Find them exclusively at Whole Foods Market.

Plant-Based Dog Ice Cream from Van Leeuwen! United States

In partnership with dog food brand Ollie, ice cream maker Van Leeuwen has released a plant-based frozen dessert for the pups!

Made with real peanut butter, bananas, coconut cream, and oat milk, the blend is sweet and salty and uses only premium, simple ingredients.

Pick some up for your furry friend at Van Leeuwen scoop shops, Petco, and online while supplies last.


Want to be featured in our next dairy ice cream round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice with more details!



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