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What’s New in January (Part 2): Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

With the amount of exciting dairy ice cream product launches last month, there’s no way we could limit ourselves to only one issue of What’s New Dairy! We’re now bringing you ten additional debuts to continue our first issue celebrating January dairy releases.


This time, taking the honor as our Pick of the Month goes to the new Mood-Inspired Ice Cream Sticks from Magnum! Featuring both a dairy and vegan flavor, there’s one for everyone!

Let’s return to discovering the latest dairy ice cream launches worldwide by checking out the details below!


Jeni’s Releases a Limited-Time Breakfast-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor! United States

Banana French Toast ice cream has joined the Jeni’s line-up for a limited time! The flavor, featuring banana custard, Butternut Mountain maple syrup, and cinnamon-brown sugar French toast crumbles, is the sixth addition to the brand’s Breakfast Day Collection. The other five variants are Brambleberry Crisp, Coffee with Cream & Sugar, Maple Soaked Pancakes, Milkiest Chocolate, and Skillet Cinnamon Roll.

Banana French Toast is available for a limited time for online purchase. Each 473mL tub sells for $12.00USD.

SpongeBob SquarePants Popsicles Now Available From Popsicle! United States

As of January 1, you can now purchase a brand-new Popsicle version of everyone’s favorite sponge!

Created in collaboration with Nickelodeon and Paramount Consumer Products, the new sketch-inspired design of SpongeBob SquarePants features a doodled aesthetic and "chocolatey eyes." The brand promises the popsicle to be “JUST as tasty” as the original frozen Fruit Punch and Cotton Candy-flavored SpongeBob single-serve bar.

It’s available wherever single-serve frozen treats are sold.

Blue Bell’s New Cinnamon Twist Limited-Time Flavor! United States

Blue Bell Ice Cream’s newest flavor, Cinnamon Twist, is a rich, creamy ice cream with hints of brown sugar and cinnamon, combined with cinnamon bun dough and a cinnamon icing swirl. Featuring a soft, almost gooey texture, the brand says the newest debut is a sweet twist fans will enjoy!

You can find it online in a 1.89L (a half gallon) or 473mL tub or at a Blue Bell location, where you can also enjoy it by the scoop. Online, a pack of four 1.89L containers sells for $128USD, whereas a six-pack of ice cream tubs is $78USD.

Two New Flavors from Ben & Jerry’s! United States

Two new Ben & Jerry’s releases contain loads of indulgent chunks and swirls!

  • PB S'More is a fun take on a favorite treat. This pint is filled with toasted marshmallow ice cream, graham cracker pieces, marshmallow swirls, and peanut butter cups.

  • Impretzively Fudged delivers on sweet and salty. This pint has chocolate ice cream with fudge-covered pretzel pieces & pretzel swirls.

The MSRP for Ben & Jerry's pints is $4.99-$6.99USD. Find the new flavors at Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops and major retailers.

King Kong Ice Cream from Mr. Paleta! Peru

Peru-based Mr. Paleta brand has expanded its 2023 launch of three exciting King Kong products that celebrate regional flavors!

  • King Kong Manjar Blanco: A unique combination of artisanal style ice cream made from manjar (a sweet caramel-like spread) and pieces of King Kong cookie

  • King Kong Cherimoya: A creamy ice cream made from custard apple delicacy, King Kong cookie pieces, and liquid custard apple delicacy

  • Antojo: “Antojo” ice cream with King Kong cookie pieces dipped in chocolate

Ice cream lovers can find the King Kong ice cream at Mr. Paleta stores and retailers in 17 cities nationwide. Each 460mL tub retails for S/ 29.90 ($7.72USD).

New Maltesers Ice Cream Bar from Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats! United Kingdom

Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats’ newest debut allows Maltesers’ fans to combine their love for the popular chocolate with ice cream!

The brand’s new four-pack of Maltesers Ice Cream bars (£2.50/$3.16USD), available at major retailers, combines luxurious malt-flavored ice cream, generously scattered with mini Maltesers honeycomb pieces, all encased in a velvety smooth milk chocolate coating.

“Mood-Inspired Ice Cream Sticks” From Magnum! United Kingdom

For the first time, Magnum has partnered ice cream with sorbet to create a pair of “mood-inspired” ice cream sticks (one dairy, one vegan)!

The dairy release, Euphoria Pink Lemonade, is a raspberry sorbet core wrapped in lemon-flavored ice cream, enrobed in white chocolate, and studded with popping candy. It’s available in a 90mL format for £2.20 ($2.78USD) and in multipacks of 3x90mL for £3.99 ($5.04USD).

The other release is Chill Blueberry Cookie, a blueberry sorbet core encased in vanilla biscuit-flavored ice cream and dipped in vegan milk chocolate with cookie pieces.

The products are available at Asda and Morrisons and will join shelves at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Co-op in March.

New Range of Ice Cream Bites Snacks From Häagen-Dazs! United Kingdom

Häagen-Dazs is entering the snackable ice cream market with their latest debut, Bites, in two flavors!

  • Salted Caramel: Salted caramel-flavored ice cream with a core of salted caramel sauce, enrobed in a crunchy blonde chocolate coating

  • Chocolate: Chocolate ice cream and a chocolate sauce core, coated in milk chocolate with crunchy pieces

Each 8x15g package sells for £4 ($5.05USD), which you can find at Morrisons. They’ll also be available at additional retailers in March.

Mango Passion Ice Cream Pop From Nick's! Sweden

Like the rest of Nick’s range, the new Mango Passion ice cream pop contains no added sugar, palm pol, or gluten! The creamy vanilla ice cream has a swirl of mango sauce and is covered in white chocolate containing tart freeze-dried passion fruit.

Find the new treat at Triumf Glass nationwide. Each treat sells for 32 SEK ($3.08USD).

Beer-Flavored Ice Cream from Chinese Beer Brewery Tsingtao! China

Chinese beer brewery Tsingtao has just rolled out its beer-flavored ice cream under the new brand, Pi Ka Bing.

The innovative product has three flavors: original, white beer, and stout. Although it's been available on-site for several years, this is the first time consumers can purchase the product nationwide.

Want to be featured in our next dairy ice cream round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice with more details!



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