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NEW! Easier to find your PRODUCT thanks to our new CATALOGUE filters.

As our portfolio is now exceeding 75 PRODUCT GROUPS, we realized that it became more and more complex for you to find the right product in our catalogue! So we had to come up with a shorter and more efficient way to bring you to the PRODUCT you are looking for.

Additionnally, we wanted to make sure that you would intuitively find the latest innovations that would fill in the gaps in your portfolio or complement your existing offer, whether you are looking for impulse, food service or retail products.

So here we are!! Today, we have upgraded our website to come up with a new SEARCH tool allowing you to filter our CATALOGUE by:

  • RECIPES (i.e. dairy, yogurt, sorbet, plant-based...)

  • SHAPES (i.e. cones, sandwiches, pints, cakes...)

  • and / or MARKET TRENDS.

Easily accessible from the PRODUCTS / Search our Catalogue, in the MENU bar.

As we want to make it smooth & easy for you, we have even recorded a simple VIDEO TUTORIAL here below:

And you can still see the LATEST ADDITIONS to our portfolio by selecting "LATEST Additions" under PRODUCTS in the top MENU.

We hope you will like this improvement, which hopefully will make your life easier. Do not hesitate to leave your comments below. Any comment / feedback will help us to improve it further.




We are the only dedicated frozen dessert broker connecting manufacturers and importers across the world. We help our network to DISCOVER, SELL and BUY among themselves the missing items in order to COMPLETE their portfolio and unlock new GROWTH opportunities through COLLABORATION. Do not hesitate to CONTACT US for more information.



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