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Discover our FOOD SERVICE Solutions

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

You are a manufacturer or distributor serving the hotel, restaurants, ice cream parlours and catering markets? Looking for innovative and affordable solutions for your demanding clients? As part of our latest Catalogue update, we have made sure that INNODELICE could answer your needs with our dedicated solutions. Among them, 4 new additions that could definitely raise your interest:


Whether you need a 5L, 4L, 2L, 900ML or even 125ML cups, our partners can offer the full range of food service frozen solutions, including:

  • Super Premium ice cream

  • Traditional ice cream

  • Vegan

  • Low Sugar/ Low Calories

  • Frozen Yogurt

  • Soft Scoop Ice Cream

It can be labelled under your own brand or under a generic food solution brand, a more affordable option to avoid artworks & printing costs.


Of course, an ice cream catalogue would not be complete without an offer tailored for ice cream parlours!

Our parlour-ready pails come in 6L, with 80% overrun ice cream, cream-based and full dairy-fat. 14 delicious flavours (including vegan) are waiting for you!


Fat-free, gluten-free, with no artificial flavours & colours, this ready-to-use frozen yogurt mix contains live active cultures. The mix is delivered frozen in 9.5L / 2.5 Gallons poly bags and can be used with any soft serve ice cream machine.

Available in 13 different flavours, and can be ordered for a minimum as low as 100 bags.


Offered as a dry mix, this Italian coffee mix can be hydrated with water or milk, manually or for better results with any slush machine. This is the perfect product for food service professionals willing to add a gourmet range of iced coffee to their menu offering. The assortment includes:

  • Ice Coffee mix

  • Sugar-free Ice Coffee mix (Stevia)

  • Frozen Yogurt mix

  • Ice Chocolate mix

  • Frozen Rosé mix

  • Italian Sgroppino mix

Do not have a slush machine? Not a problem as our partner also offers a range of Italian-made machines. If you are interested in distributing these products in your geography, please get in touch.

Prefer a retail format? A ready-to-use 250g and 500g tin format is also available. The perfect opportunity for your consumers to enjoy a gourmet iced coffee moment from the safety of their home.

You can find more details for each of these Food Service products and many more in our online catalogue. Select the appropriate market channel (see image below) to discover our solutions to your needs.



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