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WHAT's NEW in September?

Before we officially move into the Halloween and Christmas season, let’s take a look through all of the wonderful new releases and launches by ice cream and frozen dessert brands worldwide this September!

Our September Pick Of The Month is the first one you will see on our list below - Gourmet Grubb’s Insect Ice Cream! Their ingredient list intrigues us and we are keen to try it someday soon! Would you try it? Keep scrolling to discover all of the new innovations from the ice cream industry in this month’s WHAT’s NEW!



- GOURMET GRUBB's: luxury dairy-free ice cream made from INSECTS! -

GOURMET GRUBB’s insect-based ice cream is a high protein source for ice cream lovers looking to also increase their protein intake during dessert. The South African brand is making waves in the ice cream industry with their dairy alternative, EntoMilk, made from the larvae of the black soldier fly.

Insect farming has been proposed by many as a sustainable alternative protein source in the future of food, and the company claims their insect ice cream is more environmentally-friendly to make than traditional dairy ice cream, as well as being carb-free, and high in protein, iron, zinc, and calcium.

- BECKON’s Toppings in the LID: a Category First! -

A lid compartment for toppings is common in the yoghurt category but has never been seen before in ice cream, until now. BECKON shows that it can be done and may be reviving the ice cream cup segment in the process with plenty of potential for new innovations.

Available in three flavors: Vanilla with Rainbow Sprinkles, Dark Chocolate Brownie with Chocolate Cookie Gems, and Mint Chip with Chocolate Creme Cookie Crumbs, these ice cream cups are lactose-free making them a more accessible option for more consumers. They retail in 3.5oz servings at an SRP of $2.49 USD individually, or as a box of 4 for $7.99 in Whole Foods nationally across the US or also via their website.

- AICE’s standing ice cream POUCH in Indonesia -

While AICE’s new standing ice cream pouch blurs the lines between cold beverages and ice cream by being purchased frozen or unfrozen, it should be stored in the freezer before consumption.

The ice cream pouch, which was launched in Indonesia, comes in grape flavor and features ‘nata de coco’, also known as fermented coconut water. With many packaging suppliers developing freezer-compliant plastic pouches, this could become a new format of reference for ice cream on the go!



- CREAM & MORE's “Glow in the Dark” ice cream lights up when licked! -

Indian Company, REFOXA FOOD TECHNOLOGY have developed a unique bioluminescence ice cream that lights up green when activated, i.e. licked. In simple terms, it works when an enzyme included in the ice cream, the same one commonly found in certain marine animals like jellyfish, reacts to the neutral pH touch of the tongue.

The ice cream has a refrigerated shelf-life of 6 months and is marketed under the brand, CREAM & MORE who are known for their particularly innovative and creative products. They have also created a glow-in-the-dark lollipop using the same method, but we are looking forward to seeing the first retail ice cream application. Are you?

- KFC China adds OATLY Vegan ice cream to its Menu -

KFC stores in China have added three varieties of OATLY ice cream to their menu in a bid to cater to their growing flexitarian customer base. OATLY’s ice cream is offered under 2 classic flavours: Strawberry and Chocolate. Additionally, KFC China also added a latte-flavored soft serve made with Oatly. Will this be a limited edition or a long-term product offering?

- New to NOTO: Almond-based / No-added sugar range -

Made with almond protein, NOTO’s new vegan range of dairy-free and no-added sugar frozen desserts has launched in the Indian market. The range which comes in five flavours: Dark Chocolate, Mocha Almond, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, and Mango & Raspberry is currently only available in Mumbai and retails in 500ml packs at a cost of Rs 395 (approx. $5 USD / €4.5).

- WHEYHEY tests Vitamin D enriched flavours for sun deprived customers -

Countries like the UK don’t tend to get a lot of sun, especially during the Winter months so sugar-free ice cream brand, WHEYHEY are in the process of testing out a new range of vitamin D enriched ice creams so that their customers can maintain their vitamin D consumption throughout the year.

The brand is currently trialing three flavours inspired by popular holiday destinations for UK consumers: Spain (Sangria), Italy (Tiramisu), and Greece (Baklava).

- MOLOKO's Premium & Organic Russian style ice cream made in accordance with Soviet GOST Standards! -

Will Russian be for Ice Cream what Greek is for Yogurt? Los Angeles-based ice cream company, Moloko (Russian for ‘milk’), has introduced their organic Russian-style ice cream which is produced in accordance with the strict quality standards of the old Soviet Government mandate GOST 117-41 (!). The recipe involves no artificial flavours, stabilisers, colouring agents, or palm oil, and uses cow’s milk as well as organic eggs and cane sugar.

Sold in retail for approximately $10 USD per pint, the premium brand can be found in freezers in six different traditional Russian flavours: Black Currant, Condensed Milk Swirl, Crème Brulee, Russian Milk Chocolate, Sour Cream Chip and Vanilla Plombir.

- MILKADAMIA launches Macadamia frozen dessert range -

Australian-born brand Milkadamia has created a new plant-based, dairy-free ice cream for the US market made from macadamia milk. The brand focuses on the importance of regenerative agriculture in their ways of working and have made their new creation 100% palm-oil free, packaged in eco-friendly cardboard packaging, and use laser labelling. The environmentally-friendly range is available in customer classic flavours like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, and Coffee.



- Cosy Cocktails by HAAGEN DAZS -

After the success of their summer cocktail ice cream in Mojito and Pina Colada flavour, Haggen-Dazs’ two new winter cocktail-inspired flavours have been launched in the UK market recently: Rum Salted Caramel & Biscuit (Vanilla ice cream topped with crunchy butter biscuit and infused with a rum salted caramel swirl) and Irish Whiskey & Chocolate Waffle (caramel based ice cream combined with chocolate coated waffle pieces and an Irish whiskey and cream swirl inside).

Recently released onto UK supermarket shelves at a price of £4.99 per pint, they are also available in mini-versions as part of a Cosy Cocktail Selection Box.

- ALDI's Orange Chocolate leads in UK -

Orange Chocolate has always been a classic flavour in the UK market - products like Terry’s Chocolate Orange are always excellent sellers, especially around the Holiday season, but the flavour combo has been receiving a new wave of popularity in other categories recently with a few orange-flavoured ice creams even included in last month’s What’s New article as well.

Aldi in the UK has recently started stocking Giannis Chocolate Orange Chocsticks, a soft ice cream on a stick for just £0.99 (€1.15 / $1.33 USD) for a 4-pack. The ice cream is covered in a hard chocolate covering and mixed with chocolate orange flavour. Chocolate Orange is not the only flavour available with the range also including Salted Caramel, Milk and White Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Almond, and also a mini selection of each flavour.

- BEN & JERRY’S: I Scream for Racial Justice -

BEN & JERRY’S, after refusing to be sold in the Palestinian territories by an Israeli distributor, is making more moves for justice in a bid to support the causes and values they believe in through their products. One pint of ‘

Change is Brewing’ retails anywhere between $4.49 to $5.69 USD with a portion of sales going to grassroots groups working on transforming public safety in the US.

The ice cream’s ingredients are not there by accident either. For example, their coffee flavour comes from BLK & BOLD, the first Black-owned and nationally distributed coffee company that shares 5% of its profits to youth support initiatives. The fudge brownie inclusions are there thanks to GREYSTON BAKERY, who have an open hiring policy that provides opportunities for people facing barriers to employment, and finally, black multi-disciplinary artist Laci Jordan designed the branding on the pint inspired by what the world might look like when black people feel safe and all communities can thrive.

- The PUMPKIN SPICE Parade begins -

With Halloween fast-approaching, brands are starting to bring back their classic Autumnal flavours with Pumpkin Spice being one of the most in demand flavours each year. This Autumn season, brands like Haggen-Dazs and Nadamoo have got the ball rolling with their Pumpkin Spice launches, Haggen-Dazs with their Pumpkin Spice Shake (containing dulce de leche ice cream, caramel, sweet cream, and pure pumpkin mix sprinkled with seasonal spices), and Nadamoo with their Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream recipe blending classic ingredients like brown sugar, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

- BASKIN ROBBINS goes for cosy comforts with new Apple Pie flavour -

The brands above are not the only ones taking advantage of the Autumnal flavour potential, Baskin Robbins in the US have just launched their Seasonal Inside Out Apple Pie Ice Cream which boasts vanilla ice cream swirled around apple pie ice cream and filled with apple and pie crust pieces, topped with cinnamon. Pure comfort food at its finest to celebrate the start of the cooler temperatures!

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