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What’s New in November: Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

Ice cream always has a place at the dinner table, especially during the holiday season! Our November Pick of the Month, Sebastian’s 2022 Christmas Collection, offers a flavor for every taste. With four different multi-textural ice cream cakes and six kinds of cookie sandwiches, the collection will be sure to wow all your guests!

Below, we’ll describe this collection along with some fascinating frozen innovations from around the globe. In this article, you’ll read about:

NEW TRENDS Artisanal Ice Cream Shop Sebastian’s New Holiday Offerings, Philippines

Sebastian’s Ice Cream, the premier Artisanal Ice Cream in Manila, has launched its 2022 Christmas Collection, which is bound to get you festivity-ready! Besides bringing back last year’s ice cream favorite, the brand is also offering new ice cream cakes:

  • Bibingka Supreme: Layers of keso ice cream, salted egg yolk ice cream, and freshly-baked bibingka made with rice flour and topped with salted duck eggs, cheese, and grated niyog

  • Puto Bumbong Deluxe: Layers of puto bumbong cake, muscovado ice cream, and puto bumbong ice cream, topped with grated niyog and muscovado toffee crisp

  • Sapin Sapin Special: Layers of kutsinta cake, gata kakanin ice cream, langka cake, and ube kakanin ice cream, topped with crunchy latik and toasted grated niyog

  • Leche Flan Torte: Orange almond butter cake layered with Leche flan ice cream and Leche flan

The holiday collection also includes several Chilly Burger flavors – handcrafted ice cream cookie sandwiches made with in-house baked cookies:

  • Hazelnut Crinkle Chilly Burger: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies filled with Nutella ice cream

  • Ube Buko Crinkle Chilly Burger: Ube Crinkle Cookies filled with coconut ice cream and rolled in grated coconut

  • Peppermint Crinkle Chilly Burger: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies filled with peppermint ice cream

  • Ube Keso Crinkle Chilly Burger: Ube Crinkle Cookies filled with cheese ice cream and rolled in grated cheese

  • Ube Leche Flan Crinkle Chilly Burger: Ube Crinkle Cookies filled with Leche flan ice cream

  • White Chocolate Crinkle Chilly Burger: Cookie Dough Duo Chilly Burger™ Chocolate Crinkle Cookies filled with white chocolate ice cream

The nine-inch cakes between ₱1,650.00 ($28.47 USD) and ₱1,750.00 ($30.19 USD). The Chilly Burgers cost ₱140.00 ( 2.47 USD). Both are available online or at its branch in The Podium, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong.

Image by Sebastian’s Ice Cream (via Facebook)

Gibson Girl Launches Cinnamon Brown Sugar Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich, USA

Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor has debuted a new Cinnamon Brown Sugar Ice cream available in an ice cream cookie sandwich at Disneyland. The fun ice cream sandwich features a soft cinnamon flavor sandwiched between two moist and soft oatmeal raisin cookies. It’s priced at $6.99 USD per sandwich.

The parlor’s Peppermint Holiday Sundae ($8.49 USD) also returns. This popular treat contains two scoops of peppermint ice cream, whipped cream, crushed peppermint, and chocolate crème cookies, all in a white chocolate-covered waffle cone bowl. Image by Disney Food Blog

McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream Partners with Martinelli’s to Release New Flavor, USA

A unique partnership between McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream Partners and Martinelli’s has resulted in a limited-edition ice cream, Apple Cider and Cranberry Jam!

The crisp flavor – featuring McConnell’s sweet ice cream and infused with Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider filled – is backed by ribbons of McConnell’s house-made tart cranberry jam. Being holiday-inspired, the flavor was made to capture the essence of Thanksgiving in one scoop of ice cream.

The high-quality ice cream is available in 473mL pints for $12 USD through McConnell’s online store, in California Scoop Shops, and at select retailers nationwide while supplies last. Image by McConnell's

Yauatcha Launches New Gourmet Ice Cream Menu, India

Michelin-star diner Yauatcha – famous for its authentic Cantonese cuisine with a modern twist – has recently launched a new ice cream menu full of nostalgia! The brand’s first-ever range of premium ice creams includes:

  • Hazelnut and Praline: The perfect combination of chocolate and the crunchiness of hazelnut

  • Pecan and Coffee: A delightfully indulgent coffee-flavored ice cream with a twist of pecan

  • Honeycomb: A rich, creamy vanilla base featuring caramelized honeycomb

  • Chocolate Pebble: An innovative amalgamation of creamy goodness and dark chocolate

Available across platforms like Swiggy and Zomato, you can also order one of these exotic-flavored aesthetic tubs straight from Yauatcha. The 500mL ice cream tubs retail for Rs 820 ($10.04 USD). Image by The New Indian Express

AFADHYA Launches New Flavor for Argentine Soccer Fans, Buenos Aires

The Association of Artisanal Makers of Ice Cream and Related Products (AFADHYA) recently launched “Dulce Scaloneta,” a new ice cream flavor that pays tribute to the country’s national soccer team. The ice cream’s name refers to a nickname that fans gave to the squad during the 2021 Copa America in Brazil.

The new ice cream combines two classic Argentine favorites: dulce de leche and chunks of crunchy white chocolate. It’s offered at 300 ice cream parlors country-wide in either classic waffle or cone.

Ample Hills Creates Special-Edition Flavors to Celebrate the Brooklyn Nets, USA

Brooklyn-based ice cream company Ample Hills is helping fans celebrate ten years of action by the Brooklyn Nets in a sweet way!

The partnership between the basketball team and the ice cream brand has resulted in two new flavors — Birthday Swishes: Home Court Advantage and Birthday Swishes: Away Game. A portion of all proceeds goes to the Brooklyn Nets & New York Liberty Foundation.

A nod to the Nets’ black Icon uniforms, Birthday Swishes: Home Court Advantage features dark chocolate cake ice cream with white frosting swirls and black, white, and silver sprinkles. The flavor is available exclusively at Barclays Center in single-serve cups.

The other new flavor, Birthday Swishes: Away Game, has a white coloring that reflects the team’s white Association uniforms worn often during road games. The flavor features white birthday cake ice cream with chocolate frosting swirls, house-made chocolate cake batter bites, and black, white, and silver sprinkles. It will be available in both pints ($12 USD for 414mL) and scoops in Ample Hills scoop shop locations. Image by Ample Hills


J.P. Licks and Grillo’s Pickles Launch Limited-Edition Pickle Ice Cream, USA

Massachusetts-based companies J.P. Licks and Grillo’s Pickles have created a new limited-edition ice cream flavor that combines the taste of a homemade pickle with the sweetness of ice cream.

The sweet and savory Fresh Pickle Ice Cream is gluten-free and has a hint of dill and a bite of vinegar, just like a classic dill pickle.

Debuted on National Pickle Day (November 14) at all 17 J.P. Licks locations, the ice cream is available for as long as supplies last. Image by

Iconic Japanese Caramel Corn Snack Becomes an Ice Cream, Japan

Since 1971, Tohato’s Caramel Corn has been enjoyed by all ages in Japan. But now, instead of being available as a corn-based snack similar in look and flavor to Cheetos, the treat is also

available in ice cream form!

Served in three slim package designs, the ice cream is a yellow hue with roasted peanuts, creamy caramel, and puffed corn. Although currently only available at convenience stores across the country, the treat will make its way to other stores nationwide from January 9. Image by SoraNews24

Got a new ice cream launch or flavor and would like to be featured in our next dairy ice cream round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice at with more details.



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