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WHAT's NEW in June?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

As we’re halfway through National Ice Cream month in the United States (yes, a full month for Ice Cream!!), let’s have a look at some new products that showed up in the market in June and which reflects new interesting trends. Including our first pick from China...


Spicy Fruit Bars

Want a more unique flavour that pushes boundaries to new limits? Why not make it spicy? It seems Nestle has caught on this trend by partnering up with Tajín International Corporation to launch a new frozen fruit bar packed with a punch.

The bar is made of mango puree and is topped with Tajín Clásico chili-lime seasoning, creating an exciting yet healthy product to introduce into the market nationwide. Each bar of 72ml contains 30 calories and 7 grams of sugar.

Available at all major retailers in the US in a pack of 6 popsicles for about 3.99 USD.


Sweets & Spices

Well, seems that pairing sweets with spices is the trend of the month!

Marco Sweets & Spices' founders thought the ice cream world was dull and missing adventurous flavours from all around the world. Convinced there was a place for spicy notes in the ice cream market, they decided to launch their own brand and show how it can be done.

As an initial line-up, they have just launched 5 flavours in 416g pints:

  • AZTEC CHOCOLATE: deep, rich chocolate enlivened with cinnamon and chillies,

  • GINGER DREAMSICLE: bright orange accentuated by ginger and a hint of cardamom,

  • SPICY PEANUT BUTTER CARAMEL: creamy peanut butter with a caramel swirl and a touch of heat,

  • THAI COCO-LIME: spicy blend creamy coconut, tangy lime, and dried chili,

  • VANILLA CHAI: luscious vanilla mixed with a smooth chai blend.

Marco pints are available for order online in sets of four (50 USD) or five (55 USD) and ship directly to consumers in Eastern US.


German Black Beer Ice Cream

Summer heat sometimes leaves us with difficult choices in our quests for refreshments, such as "Beer or Ice Cream"? No need to dwell on this question any longer, we have found the answer in China: an ice cream with a beer-lava centre... and it is beautiful!

Launched by Deshi Ice Cream in China in January this year, the success has been such that the product is now exported to other Asian countries, starting with Singapore in July. Shaped like a beer bottle, the rye ice cream is coated with chocolate & black beer coatings, and contains an alcoholic lava centre. Nothing to worry about however, as each stick only contains 1% volume of alcohol!

Sold in Singapore in packs of 3 pieces (70g per piece), for a price of about 8 EUR / 9 USD.


New Line Up

How to make better-for-you better? This is the question the American start-up RE:THINK aimed to answer. Only 2 years after its initial launch, the company reformulated their full line-up. Today, their new recipes come loaded with claims:

  • First "tummy-friendly" dairy ice cream, using A2 PROTEINS and being completely lactose and A1 protein-free to avoid digestive discomfort,

  • First brand to infuse its flavours with COLLAGEN, which is said to have many health benefits such as improved skin elasticity, stronger hair and nails...

  • DIABETIC and KETO-friendly

  • GLUTEN-free

  • Less sugar and NO sugar alcohols, thanks to the inclusion of organic agave nectar.

Launched in 12 different flavours (ranging from traditional Vanilla to more surprising flavours such as Cardamom Pistachio or Strawberry with Chia seeds), the 414ml pints are available online and in more than 500 supermarkets in Western US for a price around 6.99 USD.

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