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What’s New in January: Vegan Ice Cream Innovations

January may be over, but new launches in the land of vegan ice cream are definitely not! Instead, there are more of them than ever! With brands preparing for the busy season ahead, there are plenty of tasty new vegan frozen treats to keep an eye out for.

Our January Pick of the Month is one such treat – frozen snack bites in five different flavors! Perfect for sharing this upcoming Valentine’s Day, the new offering from NadaMoo! combines two distinct flavors in each tasty bite.

To learn more about this new launch and others from around the globe, dive into our newsletter below.

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Magnum Expands Vegan Range of Ice Cream, United Kingdom

The Magnum brand is expanding its vegan range by introducing Vegan Raspberry Swirl ice cream sticks. The sweet treat contains raspberry ice cream with swirls of raspberry sauce dipped in vegan chocolate. A 3x90mL stick multipack has an RRP of £3.99 ($4.92 USD).

NadaMoo! Launches 5 Flavors of Frozen Snack Bites, United States

The all-new NadaMoo! Frozen snack bites contain two delicious flavors in one bite. The bites have a 100% plant-based coating and creamy coconut milk core. There are five amazing flavors to try:

  • Salted Caramel & Vanilla: A vanilla-y coconut milk-based morsel delicately wrapped in a soft, chewy caramel coating

  • Mango & Strawberry: A tasty, strawberry coconut milk-based morsel surrounded by a soft, chewy mango coating

  • Mint & Chocolate: A tasty, chocolatey coconut milk-based morsel encased in a soft, chewy minty coating

  • Orange Crème & Vanilla: A tasty, vanilla-y coconut milk-based morsel delicately wrapped in a soft, chewy orange coating

  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate: A tasty, chocolatey coconut milk-based morsel carefully enclosed in a soft, chewy peanuty coating

Each bag contains six-18 gram pieces and is priced at $11.00 USD.

Image via LinkedIn

Breyers Is Releasing Oat Milk Versions of Its Classic Flavors, United States

Breyers has created its first oat milk-based flavor, with other big plans in store!

Breyers Non-Dairy Vanilla is made with real oat milk and loaded with sustainably sourced vanilla and real flecks of vanilla bean. The new frozen vegan treat is made with the Breyers quality you trust and is also gluten-free and Kosher.

Breyers is making history as one of the first companies to release dairy-free ice cream in a 1.5-quart tub, which is available for $6.89 USD. As long as the oat milk version proves popular, more flavors will likely come in the future.

The product’s currently being rolled out at certain Publix stores throughout the southeastern United States.

Image by Green Matters

Ben & Jerry’s Release Oatmeal Dream Pie Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert, United States

Ben & Jerry’s partnered with Partake, an allergen-friendly brand, to create their latest flavor, Oatmeal Dream Pie Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert.

The non-dairy ice cream contains gluten-free oatmeal cookies from Partake that are lightly spiced, crunchy, and chewy. When combined with sweet marshmallow swirls, an oh-my-goodness taste is created!

Each 473 mL pint is priced at $6.49 USD and will launch in the coming weeks.

Image by Ben & Jerry's

Mochi Ice Cream Brand Little Moons Unveils New Product Range, United Kingdom

Leading mochi ice cream brand Little Moons is releasing an exciting new mochi sorbet in two different flavors. Both flavors incorporate a fruity sorbet, surrounded by Little Moons’ signature mochi dough. The new bites are vegan, gluten-free, free from artificial flavorings, colorings, and preservatives, and less than 60 calories per ball.

Available in two flavors – Very Berry and Pineapple & Mandarin – the Refreshos mochi sorbet will launch in Asda at the RRP of £4.80 ($5.92 USD).

Image by Kam City

Wicked Kitchen’s New Plant-Based Ice Cream Products, United States

Wicked Kitchen’s plant-based ice cream treats promise "extraordinary creaminess, texture, and flavor unmatched by any other non-dairy frozen treats." The brand offers the following four pint-sized ice cream flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Mint Chocolate Chip) and three novelty ice cream treats:

  • Berry White Sticks: Sweet vanilla ice cream swirled with strawberry and raspberry sauce in an indulgent white chocolate flavor coated with red raspberry pieces

  • Chocolate & Almond Sticks: Sweet vanilla ice cream with toasted almond pieces and indulgent chocolate coating

  • Chocolate & Red Berry Cones: Sweet vanilla ice cream with luscious red berry sauce and rich chocolate chips in a gluten-free corn (maize) cone

Besides being available at 2,200 Kroger stores across the U.S., the treats will also be for sale at large retailers in the UK, Finland, and Thailand – with more locations coming soon.

The 500 mL pints, the 3x300mL sticks, and the 4x480 mL cones are priced at $6.49 USD.

Want to be featured in our next vegan ice cream round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice with more details!



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