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What’s New in February: Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

We came across lots of innovative and some surprising flavours while scouting the ice cream and frozen dessert world this month. You can see what we discovered below. Our stand out February Dairy Pick Of The Month has to be the partnership between The Salty Donut and Salt & Straw who have brought a controversial ‘Ham and Jam’ flavoured ice cream to market! Would you try it? Read on to discover more new and innovative flavours this month!


Aldi Combines Donuts and Ice Cream in New Product Launch

Two new SKU’s are arriving at Aldi stores in the US. The new SKU’s are ice cream filled donuts in two flavours: ‘Vanilla & Chocolate’ and ‘Strawberry’. The former is made with vanilla-flavoured ice cream dipped in a white chocolate flavoured coating and sprinkles on top. The latter contains strawberry-flavoured ice cream dipped in a pink confectionary coating and sprinkles. Both flavours will be available at US ALDI locations from February 23 for $2.99 USD a box.

Image by Simplemost via Aldi USA


Trio of Brands Team Up To Create New Oreo Stick Sandwich

Three of Australia’s top brands, Peters, Cadbury, and Oreo have joined forces to create the new Oreo Stick Sandwich which is now available to consumers through the Petrol & Convenience (P&C) channel. The new novelty features Peter’s ice cream sandwiched between two Oreo biscuits which is all coated in a layer of milk chocolate by Cadbury. Ready to purchase in individual packs at a RRP of $4 AUD or multi-packs of four at a RRP of $8.50 AUD.

Image by Best Recipes

Meet Haagen-Dazs Malaysia’s New Flavours

Malaysian consumers will be delighted to have found Haagen-Dazs' new tropical ice cream

stick bar singles in stores this February. The brand has released three new flavours - the first is ‘Cantaloupe Melon’ made with Mediterranean melon puree swirled into the ice cream and dipped in a raspberry-infused white chocolate coating. The second flavour, ‘Mango & Cream’ incorporates real mango puree and pieces into the ice cream and is coated in a strawberry-infused white chocolate layer. Thirdly, the ‘Raspberry’ stick bar layers pink chocolate with real raspberry pieces and on the inside you will find ice cream filled with swirls of raspberry sauce.

Image by Says via Haggen-Dazs

Individual stick bars are available in stores at a RRP of RM10 ($2.39 USD / €2.11) and multipacks are available at a RRP of RM28.20 ($6.74 USD / €5.96).

Tim Hortons Triumphs with Five Flavour Launch

Canada’s iconic brand, Tim Hortons has launched five new ice cream pints made with 100% Canadian Dairy in partnership with Ontario based ice cream producer, Shaw's. The flavours are based on some of their most beloved signature flavours: Fruit Explosion, Double Chocolate Donut, Salted Caramel Iced Capp®, Birthday Cake Timbits®, and Apple Fritter. The range will soon be available at Canadian grocery stores including Co-Op, Loblaws, Longo's, and Walmart.

Image by Cision

Van Leeuwen Launches New Flavour Created by Christine Chef

Christine Ha, Masterchef USA winner and Owner of two vietnamese restaurants in Houston,

the Blind Goat and Xin Chao, designed a new flavour for the opening of Van Leeuwen’s new store in Montrose. The flavour is called ‘Bananas for Cheese’, inspired by Christine’s favourite childhood snack: Banana slices with Laughing Cow cheese. With a cheese-base of gouda and mascarpone ice cream, banana jam is then blended through and topped with milk chocolate chips. Image by Houston Chronicle

New Chewy, Gooey Flavour by Ben & Jerry

New Chewy Gooey Cookie is the latest addition to the Ben & Jerry portfolio in the US market. Combining chocolate and coconut ice cream as the base, the brand has added flakes of fudge, shortbread cookie and caramelly swirls. The new pint will be available to purchase in US retailers at a RRP of $4.99-$5.49 USD.

Image by Food Bev Media

Mars Showcases Starburst and Skittles Sku’s in the UK

Skittles Stix and Starburst Ice Lolly will be two new additions to the Mars ice cream range. The Starburst Ice Lolly features a jelly base topped with layers of strawberry, orange, lemon and lime-flavoured frozen fruit juice.

The Skittles Stix SKU showcases layers of fruit-flavoured ice cream with a sugar pearl filling in the centre.UK consumers will be able to find the products in both single and multipack formats across select UK convenience and wholesale stores at respective RRP’s of £1.40 and £2.50.


Baskin Robbins Secret Admirer

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Baskin Robbins released a new rose-based flavour of the month for February: Secret Admirer™ Ice Cream. Secret Admirer™ is a pink cake-flavoured ice cream incorporating rose ice cream, made with real rose extract, and a sweet-tasting strawberry ribbon. US consumers can ask for the Secret Admirer™ flavour on its own in a waffle cone or it can be added to an ice cream cake through the Baskin Robbins store.

Image by Baskin Robbins

New Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream Launches in US

Women-owned US brand, Little Jasmine has just launched their first ice cream product - Brown Sugar Boba Ice Cream. Made with real boba imported from Taiwan, the scoopable ice cream features brown sugar swirls and chewy boba bits. The product is sold in pints across select US retailers at a RRP of $8.99 USD.

Image by Berry on Dairy

Would you like Chili Paste Pork Ice Cream with that?

McDonald’s in Thailand have tested their innovation boundaries with their newest addition to the dessert menu - Chili Paste Pork Ice Cream. Featuring McDonald’s classic vanilla soft serve, the new ice cream flavour is topped with a chili paste sauce and shredded pork floss (a popular dried meat product in Asia that offers a light and fluffy texture). The new launch will be available in participating McDonald’s restaurants across Thailand until April 5th at a price of 39 THB ($1.20 USD / €1.07).

McDonalds are not holding back on their controversial flavours this month, as seen by their new coriander (/cilantro) sundae in their Chinese stores. The sundae, which costs 6.6CN¥ (€0.93 / $1.07 USD) comes with lime green sauce and sprinkles of chopped coriander leaves causing much confusion and controversy among consumers worldwide.

Images by ChewBoom [top] via McDonalds Thailand and India Times [bottom] via Twitter/@ZhugeEX

The Salty Donut Join Forces with Salt & Straw to Create Five Flavours Including ‘Ham & Jam’

A co-branding innovation partnership between The Salty Donut, a popular Miami donut store, and Salt & Straw, an ice cream producer from Oregon, saw both brands deliver a pack of 5 unique ice cream flavour combinations inspired by popular donuts. Available to buy from the Salt & Straw website, the 5-pack bundle, aptly named ‘The Collab Lab’, was priced at $65 USD (now sold out) and included the following flavours:

  • The Boston Cream Donut: Silken cream filling sandwiched between layers of bourbon-caramelized brioche dough, slathered with a thick chocolate ganache and stuffed into a vanilla cream custard.

  • Death By Chocolate Cronut: Single-origin malty chocolate ice cream filled with creamy, chocolate custard, and topped with chocolate frosting and a chocolate-dipped chocolate cronut from The Salty Donut.

  • Horchata Donut: Vanilla ice cream with glazed donut bits soaked in homemade horchata and Valrhona Caramelia chocolate, before being topped with torched cinnamon meringue.

  • Ham + Jam Kolaches: Kolaches are traditional American-Czech pastries filled with meat, jam, and other fillings. This version features cream made from bone-in Iberico ham broth, ribbons of marionberry jam, and salted vanilla cheesecake swirled throughout.

  • Wild-Berry Slab Pie: A gooey berry pie filling mixed with salted vanilla ice cream.

Image by El Nuevo Herald

Got a new ice cream or frozen dessert and would like to be featured in our next monthly round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice on with more details.



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