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Our ECOSYSTEM is in the NEWS! A great opportunity to say THANK YOU.

As we continuously work on growing our ecosystem of partners around the world, we are always humbled by the interest in what we are creating and the encouragement to help us build a strong knowledge base and community for our clients and their customers.

Over the past 15 months of building Innodelice into an internationally operating ecosystem, we have been able to better understand the rollercoaster of emotions and challenges that come with setting up a business. We are very grateful to be here every day working hard with you and using our international ecosystem and collaborative advantages to satisfy the unfulfilled needs of our industry.

Very soon, we will be introducing our new website, further highlighting how INNODELICE can support the global frozen dessert community.

In the meantime, below are some of the mentions Innodelice has received from International News sources over the past few weeks. We want to share these with you to demonstrate the various ways in which Innodelice is open to collaboration and how we can use our ecosystem of international partners to help you create success and grow your business in the frozen dessert industry.


Pure NPD featured us in the recent ‘Trends & Strategy’ section of their website and we were able to explain our mission to enable low cost innovation through low risk collaboration.

Pure NPD is a platform for modern food and beverage product strategy and development covering every step of the NPD food chain, from product innovation to manufacturing, brand identity and international expansion. You can read a brief snippet of what they wrote about Innodelice below.

“To innovate in ice cream is not only expensive, but also risky, as you can never be sure of sustained shelf success. However, due to the competitive nature of the frozen dessert category (and the need to keep expectant consumers satisfied), the idea of not investing in innovation can be equally treacherous."

Read the full article here.


The Dairy Reporter brand has been the leading online news source for the dairy industry for more than 13 years. They use their platform to gather powerful insights from across the dairy industry and share it with the goal of helping businesses in this category succeed.

We were lucky enough to have been invited to speak on their latest podcast (#97) about how we created Innodelice as a new collaborative concept for global ice cream industry companies and brands.

“Innovation is what drives growth, this is not news to anyone, however it is happening faster and faster and innovative products are remaining on shelf for less and less time, so what you launched this year might not be on the market next year and this increases risk for manufacturers.” - Andrea Montreuil.

You can listen to more of Andrea’s insights from the podcast here where she goes on to discuss consumer expectations and loyalty, and how industry consolidation is making life difficult for manufacturing partners - our interview begins at 36:04.


To add to the already very busy and productive time of year, Andrea MONTREUIL, INNODELICE’s Founding Partner was also invited to speak at Vizibl’s Collaborate 2020 Virtual Summit on the topic of Building Sustainable Ecosystems based on her experience in creating INNODELICE alongside fellow Founding Partner, Nicolas MARIE. Given that the Summit attracted almost 500 attendees from around the world, we would say the event was a huge success.

The objective of our collaboration with Vizibil was to showcase real life examples surrounding the why’s and how’s of other collaborations with our external partners. We wanted to show exactly how collaboration can be done and scaled. It is our strong belief that collaboration can be a powerful method of:

- unlocking new growth opportunities,

- reducing risk,

- improving time-to-market, and;

- reducing costs.

As part of our collaboration, we designed an ebook: “How to Kickoff Your Collaborative Supplier Ecosystem Journeywhich you can download for free by clicking the link on the title. The ebook is filled with real-life examples on how to develop trusting relationships with external partners. You will also learn how to:

  • build the right teams and choose the right projects for you.

  • animate collaborative partnerships and know which conversations are necessary to have in order to make your projects a success.

  • create a contract that fosters optimal collaboration between parties.

  • leverage intelligent tools to facilitate organisation-wide collaborations.

We are confident that collaboration, across organisations and industries can be done in a way that ensures success for all parties involved and we are always happy to share our insights on how to achieve this. If you’re not completely convinced that collaborative methods and ecosystems can be successfully incorporated into your business strategy, we would be happy to discuss the process with you and learn more about your needs. Find our emails at the bottom of this article and reach out.

To all our partners that believe, like us, that over and beyond competition, it is collaboration that will unlock new growth opportunities, and to all of you who joined us in the first year on this amazing journey to disrupt the way business is being done in the frozen dessert industry and the way products are being launched, we want to say: THANK YOU!



Founded by former executives in the Ice Cream industry, INNODELICE aims to create a worldwide ecosystem of solutions within the frozen dessert industry. Thanks to the relationships fostered by INNODELICE, manufacturers, brands, importers, distributors and suppliers can discover, buy and sell solutions to GROW their business. These solutions include co-manufactured and branded products as well as innovative and competitive ingredients, packaging and services. Our collaboration model generates lower costs and fewer risks for our participating partners while optimising their time to market. To learn more about INNODELICE, contact Nicolas MARIE (, Andrea MONTREUIL ( or visit

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