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DANONE further expands its frozen business in Spain with the launch of Savia plant-based novelties.

Updated: May 5, 2020

While being well-known across the globe for its yogurt business, fewer people are aware of DANONE's presence in the ice cream market. Thanks to its acquisition of WHITEWAVE FOODS in 2016, the US plant-based food multinational has brought the 100% vegan brands SO DELICIOUS and ALPRO into the global portfolio of DANONE.

SO DELICIOUS is mostly distributed in North America and boasts a wide plant-based ice cream portfolio made out of cashew, almond, coconut and other plants. ALPRO on the other hand is mostly sold in Europe with a frozen portfolio restricted to soy-based ice cream.

However, in Spain, the situation is quite different since DANONE has successfully been selling a soy-based yogurt alternative for many years under the brand SAVIA. With 2 plant-based brands available, which one would DANONE use to penetrate the Spanish ice cream market?

In fact, DANONE has chosen to use both:

  • ALPRO frozen range was launched in Spain in 2019, and will be extended this year with 2 new SKUs of their "360" lower calories offering, for a total of 5 products on the shelves (all in pints).

  • SAVIA plant-based ice cream is being launched nationwide this spring with only 1 product: almond-based chocolate-covered sticks, in a pack of 3. It is a first foray in the novelties market for DANONE in Europe.

Overall, it shows that DANONE is getting serious about investing in plant-based ice cream, as a likely growth driver to compensate for the flattening of their dairy sales.

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