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What’s New in June (Part 1): Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

With summer solstice now come and gone, summer has officially arrived here in the northern hemisphere! And no matter what you’re celebrating this season, ice cream is always a great accompaniment.


Earning our Pick of the Month is an exciting launch from Italian confectionery giant Ferrero! Although well known as a hazelnut chocolate spread, Nutella has yet to enter the ice cream aisle – until now! The brand’s new debut is an ice cream version of its hugely popular hazelnut chocolate spread.

There are plenty of other new treats, too, from brands worldwide. Let’s get started reviewing them!



Four-Cheese Ice Cream from Baskin-Robbins Japan! Japan

Baskin-Robbins Japan (also known as Thirty-One) is serving up a flavor you often associate with pizza, not ice cream: Four-Cheese!

The treat is made with cream cheese ice cream, gorgonzola ice cream, camembert, and gouda ice cream. Cream cheese cookie bits add some pizza crust-evocative starchiness. The ice cream’s color is similar to French Vanilla and offers a surprisingly sweet taste.

You can find it at Japanese locations for 420 yen (US$2.60) for a regular-size scoop or 320 yen ($1.98USD) for kids’.

Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream Sticks Return! Australia


The popular Biscoff ice cream sticks – which were available for a limited time only in March 2023 – have made a comeback!

The treat is made from velvety Biscoff dairy ice cream, covered in a rich layer of Biscoff spread, and coated in Belgian milk chocolate with crunchy Biscoff biscuit pieces.


Pick up a three-pack (270ml) of the treats for $9.50AUD ($6.33 USD).



New Ice Cream Range from Khoya! India

Inspired by Classic Mithais (Indian sweets), Khoya’s newest debuts are anything but ordinary! Each of the four unique flavors is carefully crafted and offers an authentic, distinct taste free from artificial colors and preservatives.


  • Milk Cake Ice Cream: Drawing inspiration from the beloved Indian Mithai, this flavor pays homage to tradition with a touch of originality in every scoop. Indulge in the rich, caramelized notes of sweetened Khoya (milk), complemented by cardamom and saffron in each creamy bite.

  • Kesar Motichoor Ice Cream: A distinctive fusion of iconic Motichoor Ladoo (a popular Indian sweet) and creamy ice cream, this flavor delights with its combination of tiny Boondi pearls (made from fried chickpea flour) and luxurious smoothness.

  • Pink Coconut Ice Cream: Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise with every spoonful. Delight in the velvety smoothness of coconut-infused ice cream, enhanced by delectable pieces of khoya-based pink coconut Ladoo (Indian coconut fudge).

  • Pista Lounge Ice Cream: Savor the richness of handpicked pistachios in every bite. This frozen delight provides a nutty essence that rejuvenates and delights even the most discerning tastes.

Each 500mL pint costs Rs 575 ($6.89USD), except Pista Lounge, which retails for Rs 650 ($7.79USD).

Ferrero Launches Nutella Ice Cream! Italy


As of June, candy giant Ferrero is stocking Italian supermarkets with Nutella Ice Cream!

The brand describes the new gelato as a combination of Nutella's "iconic and familiar taste" with "a surprising twist of textures inside." The Nutella-based ice cream contains milk, sugar, cream, and crunchy hazelnuts.

Find it in 230g tubs for €4.99 ($5.36USD) at leading Italian supermarket chains like Conad, Carrefour, Esselunga, and Coop. It’s also available in Spain and Portugal for €5.99 ($6.43USD).



Taylor Swift Flavor from Equi’s Ice Cream! Scotland


Equi’s Ice Cream, a Scottish ice cream company, created a limited-edition flavor before pop star Taylor Swift’s arrival in June! The ‘Swiftie Swirl’ contains a luscious mixture of pink bubblegum and white chocolate ice cream with edible glitter mist.


Fans could find it in stores nationwide, including Equi's Hamilton, Ice Lab in Coatbridge, and Sweet Enough in East Kilbride.



Aldi's New £1.99 Ice Creams! United Kingdom


Aldi’s new £1.99 ($2.52USD) Racer ice cream treats have shoppers running to local stores!

The new 4x53ml pack of Racer ice cream bars is named after a chocolate bar with the same name, similar to Snickers. The ice cream bar's layers include peanut-flavored ice cream, caramel sauce, and roasted salted peanuts with a milk chocolate coating.

Tesco Launches Summer Edition Ice Creams! United Kingdom


Tesco’s summer ice cream line-ups include something for everyone! The brand describes the range of bolder, inventive flavors as a “celebration of summer” and a “testament to our innovation and quality.”

  • Peach & Yogurt Lollies: A swirl of frozen yogurt and peach-flavored ice cream. A 4x50mL pack retails for £1.60 ($2.03USD).

  • Strawberry & Yogurt Lollies: A swirl of frozen yogurt and strawberry-flavored ice cream. A 4x50mL pack retails for £1.60 ($2.03USD).

  • Popcorn & White Chocolate Ice Cream: Ice cream flavored like popcorn, swirled with salted caramel sauce, coated in white chocolate, and sprinkled with salted corn pieces. A 3x90mL pack retails for £2.25 ($2.85USD).

  • Mini Caramelized Biscuit Ice Creams: Ice cream flavored with caramelized biscuit, swirled with caramel sauce, coated in white chocolate, and topped with cinnamon biscuit pieces. An 8x50mL pack retails for £3 ($3.80USD).

  • Caramelized Pecan Ice Creams: Ice cream flavored with pecan nuts, swirled with caramel sauce, coated in milk chocolate, and garnished with caramelized pecan pieces. A 3x90 mL pack retails for £2.25 ($2.85USD).

  • Caramel & Popcorn Ice Cream Sandwiches: Caramel ice cream sandwiched between biscuits, dipped in white chocolate, and sprinkled with salted corn pieces. A 6x85mL pack retails for £3.25 ($4.12USD).

  • Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches: Vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips, nestled between chocolate chip biscuits, dipped in milk chocolate, and adorned with cocoa nibs. A 6x85mL pack retails for £3.25 ($4.12USD).

  • Birthday Cake Ice Cream: Sponge cake paired with strawberry-flavored ice cream, drizzled with strawberry sauce, and topped with decorative sprinkles. A 900mL pint retails for £2.65 ($3.36USD).

  • Tropical Sorbet & Ice Cream: Creamy tropical sorbet and fruit-flavored ice cream, topped with a tropical fruit sauce. A 900mL pint retails for £2.65 ($3.36USD).

  • Finest Raspberry Eton Mess Ice Cream: Clotted cream ice cream swirled with raspberry sauce, combined with meringue pieces, and sprinkled with red sugar pearls. A 480mL pint retails for £3 ($3.80USD).

Avocado-Flavored Ice Cream from Mavens Creamery! United States

Here’s another reason to get a Costco membership: Mavens' Avocado Ice Cream is available at select locations!

Instead of an avocado base, the ice cream features it as its flavor. With a smooth, velvety texture, pale green color, and authentic taste, the ice cream will surely please avocado fans!

Two 16-oz containers retail for $14.00USD. Although it’s currently only available at Costco in select Bay Area locations, more locations may soon have it on their shelves.

10 New Heritage Kulfi Releases! United States

Heritage Kulfi is releasing a line-up of premium frozen desserts in ten exciting South Asian flavors:

  • Saffron,

  • Rosewater,

  • Pistachio,

  • Cardamom Chai,

  • Alphonso Mango,

  • Coconut,

  • Earl Grey,

  • Vanilla Bean,

  • Malai Sweet Cream, and

  • Almond Blossom.

Each one promises textures and aromas that remind you of South Asia. Containing carefully sourced and handled ingredients and housed inside sustainably sourced packaging, the flavors are egg-free, halal, kosher, gluten-free, non-GMO, and sweetened only with organic cane sugar.

Look for the debuts at select Whole Foods Markets, Fresh Direct, Town & Country Markets, and independent and specialty stores in the New York and New Jersey metro areas.

Each flavor is available in a 16-oz carton for a suggested retail price of $7.99USD.

Brand New Candy Line from Baskin-Robbins and Frankford Candy! United States


Baskin-Robbins’ announcement of a new line-up at the 2024 Sweet & Snacks Expo has fans extra excited about the summer! The brand’s upcoming debuts are made in collaboration with Frankford Candy and include two filled chocolate candies inspired by classic ice cream flavors.

The first, Mint Cholate Chip, is a bite-sized, dark chocolate containing chocolate chip laters and mint-flavored crème filling. There’s also Baskin-Robbins Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, a candy made with dark chocolate, chocolate chips, cookie dough pieces, and vanilla-flavored crème.

Starting in August, both will be available in a 3-oz peg bag and a 5-oz container. You can find them online and at your local grocery store.


Want to be featured in our next dairy ice cream round-up? Email Andrea Montreuil from Innodelice with more details!



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