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What’s New in January: Vegan Frozen Dessert Innovations

Brands were ready to celebrate Veganuary – a month following a plant-based diet – on a high note!


One such brand, Singapore-based Kind Kones, launched an exciting new frozen dessert just in time for the event. Comprised of a unique combination of ingredients, including immunity-boosting tiger milk mushroom, the treat claims our selected Pick of the Month title.


Ready to see what’s new in the world of vegan frozen desserts? Let’s dive in!


Kind Kones’ New Rainforest Delight Frozen Dessert, Singapore

Kind Kones’ newest flavor of the month promises to immerse your senses in an enchanting fusion of tiger milk mushroom (a traditional herbal mushroom), elderberry, blueberry, and red grapes!

A symphony of antioxidants, the low-calorie frozen dessert is available as a 473mL pint for RM34.50 ($7.229USD) or a 118mL single cup for RM15.50 ($3.28USD).

Find it online and at all Kind Kones’ outlets in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

‘Oat of this Swirled’ Flavor from Ben & Jerry’s, United Kingdom

Ben & Jerry’s latest vegan release, Oat of this Swirled, contains buttery dairy-free Burnt Sugar ice cream, oat cinnamon cookies, toasted marshmallow-style caramel swirls with a soft, whipped top and vegan chocolate chunks.

Inspired by the s’mores, a traditional American campfire treat, the frozen dessert can be found at major retailers and convenience stores. Each 427mL pint retails for £5.50 ($6.96USD).

Hot Toddy Sorbet from Jen’s Ice Cream! United States

Ohio-born Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream’s new flavor, Hot Toddy Sorbet, is infused with Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey! The limited-edition flavor, which contains flavors of orange, lemon, honey and cayenne pepper, emulates the taste of a warm whiskey cocktail with a frozen twist.

You can find the dairy- and gluten-free flavor online at and Jeni’s scoop shops. A 473mL pint costs $12.00USD.

Attention Dairy-Free Ice Cream Brands!

Do you have a new product hitting the shelves? If so, let us help spread the word in an upcoming edition of What’s New: Vegan Frozen Dessert Innovations! Email with details about your upcoming launch, including

  • Full description (base flavor, swirls, inclusions, etc.),

  • An amazing picture,

  • The format,

  • The price, and

  • Where it can be found.



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