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What’s New in February (Part 2): Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

After another jam-packed month of exciting dairy product launches, it's only appropriate that we present two editions of What's New Dairy once again!

This time, our Pick of the Month choice goes to the ‘Choco Taco’ from Taco Bell and Salt & Straw! Less than two years after the treat was discontinued, the fan favorite is expected to return this summer.

To learn more about this exciting debut, plus countless others, let’s get started!



Footballer Erling Haaland Launches Personal Ice Cream Brand, Norway

Football and ice cream collide! Erling Haaland, Forward for Manchester City and the Norwegian national team, has launched a new ice cream brand called Haaland! The packaging features the 23-year-old in his winning pose beside his signature and a picture of the ice cream.

You can find it exclusively on Norwegian grocery store shelves.

KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry Launches at McDonald’s! United Kingdom and Ireland

A never-before-seen McFlurry was recently added to the McDonald’s menu!

The KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry combines soft dairy ice cream swirled with the Ruby Chocolate-covered KitKat pieces and wafer bites, then topped with a pink raspberry sauce.

From February 7 to March 12, McDonald’s ice cream fans could order the sweet treat in all UK and Ireland restaurants, at drive-thrus, and via home delivery apps. The new McFlurry cost £2.19 ($2.81USD) for a regular or £1.59 ($2.04USD) for a mini.

Glow In The Dark Ice Cream From Mackie’s of Scotland, United Kingdom

Mackie’s Of Scotland recently launched an exciting new debut at the 10th anniversary of the Spectra Light Festival in Aberdeen: the UK’s first-ever luminescent ice cream!

The brand’s “Light Up” lemon sherbet-flavored ice cream uses natural ingredients (riboflavin) that cause it to glow under UV light. The innovative ice cream was available as a one-off special for the festival weekend (February 8-11) at Mackie’s 19.2 ice cream parlor.

Baskin-Robbins Launches New Crazy for You Cake and the Return of Love Potion #31, United States

This past Valentine’s Day, Baskin-Robbins made celebrating your love of ice cream easy!

Starting February 1 and lasting until supplies ran out, a past fan-favorite was sold as the Flavor of the Month: Love Potion #31. And it’s no wonder! Each scoop of this returning flavor contains white chocolate and raspberry-flavored ice cream bursting with raspberry-filled chocolate-flavored hearts, raspberry swirls, and chocolate-flavored chips.

A brand-new cake also launched last month at Baskin-Robbins! The brand’s Crazy for You Cake was a made-to-share, picturesque heart-shaped cake packed with decadent fudge accents, chocolate drips, and a crunchy OREO Cookie and buttercream rosette. Customers could personalize the cake with any ice cream they wanted, including the Flavor of the Month.

Triple Chocolate Blackout Cookie Flavor From Alec’s Ice Cream! United States

Triple Chocolate Blackout Cookies is the newest debut from California-based Alec’s Ice Cream!

The gluten-free ice cream contains rich chocolate ice cream swirled with fudge and chocolate cookies. Like the rest of the brand’s offerings, it contains regenerative-verified ingredients so you can positively impact the environment!

The 14 fl oz Triple Chocolate Blackout Cookie is available now nationwide at Sprouts Farmers Market for $8.99. It will soon be available at more stores!

Proof Hard Ice Cream Debuts Chocolate Espresso Martini-Flavored Ice Cream at Costco! United States

Southern California and Hawaii-based Costco stores are in for a real treat with the debut of Chocolate Espresso Martini ice cream! The new flavor from alcoholic ice cream brand Proof Hard Ice Cream combines “smooth and creamy” ice cream with the “satisfying warmth” of alcohol (5% ABV).

The company, known for producing its ice cream in small batches, started rolling out the limited-release flavor on February 9. The two-pint, 375mL pack retails for $14.99USD and is available while supplies last.

Taco Bell x Salt & Straw Ice Cream Chocolate Taco Returns! United States

A partnership between Taco Bell and Portland-based Salt & Straw has led to the resurrection of the ‘Choco Taco!’

The Taco Bell-Salt & Straw Ice Cream Chocolate Taco is made with hand-pressed waffle cones, fresh-made cinnamon ancho ice cream dipped in single-origin chocolate, studded with toasted brown rice, and complete with sweet sauces and dip. Even with the weight of the ice cream, the waffle shell remains crispy.

The Choco Taco will be available at all Salt & Straw locations and online for nationwide ordering by this summer.

Two New Ice Cream Flavors from Häagen-Dazs! United States

New York Strawberry Cheesecake and Vanilla Caramel Pecan are the newest members of the Häagen-Dazs family!

The New York Strawberry Cheesecake flavor presents a fusion of velvety cheesecake ice cream intertwined with luscious strawberry sauce and hints of spiced graham cracker crust crumbles. Its harmonious blend of sweetness, tanginess, and creaminess draws inspiration from the iconic New York-style cheesecake.

Meanwhile, the vanilla caramel pecan flavor melds smooth vanilla ice cream with rich caramel sauce and caramelized toasted pecans.

Find the 14oz pints at chosen outlets for $6.49USD. Nationwide availability is expected by April.

Limited-Edition Marshmallow Sky Flavor From Ben & Jerry’s! United States

Marshmallow Sky, a new, limited-batch pint from Ben & Jerry’s, owes its electric-blue hue to spirulina, a blue-green algae extract known for its immunity-boosting properties and vitamin-and-mineral content.

The vibrant blue ice cream features a creamy marshmallow-infused base complemented by swirls of marshmallow, generous portions of chocolate, and chocolate chocolate (yes, double!) chip cookie dough, ensuring a delectable chocolate experience with every spoonful. Its striking color draws inspiration from Ben & Jerry’s iconic cloud scene, as seen in scoop shops and ice cream packages worldwide.

The 473mL pints are available at grocery retailers nationwide for a limited time. The suggested price per pint ranges from $4.99 to $6.99USD. The flavor is also available in the brand’s scoop shops.

Limited-Edition Confetti Cake Dipped Cone at Dairy Queen! United States

A new flavor of cone dip has arrived on Dairy Queen's spring 2024 limited-edition menu: Confetti Cake!

The Funfetti-inspired cone dip has DQ's famous creamy soft serve and a cone coating containing rainbow confetti cake-flavored pieces.

The cone is available now at participating locations. Prices range from $3.69USD for a kids' cone to $5.59USD for a large.


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