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What’s New in February (Part 1): Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

Spring is in the air – and many brands are ready for it! With plenty of exciting dairy debuts this month – from limited-edition spring flavors to curated chocolate collections – it was extra challenging to select our Pick of the Month!

But with its unique combination of ice cream and Pop-Tarts, we gave the honor to Ida’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats. To celebrate the company’s one-year partnership with The Museum of Ice Cream - Chicago (MOIC) – and to honor Black History Month – the brand debuted two new ice cream flavors incorporating Kellanova’s Pop-Tarts.

Get all the details about this exciting debut – and many other global releases – by diving into the article below.


Righteous Gelato’s Limited Edition Spring Flavors Return! Canada

It’s that time of year again: Righteous Gelato is releasing its limited-edition spring flavor line-up! But unlike other years, the flavors aren’t available at grocery stores. Instead, they’re available for a limited time only to Calgary fans via delivery or curbside pickup.

Two flavors are ready to be enjoyed. The decadent Carrot Cake & Cream Cheese Gelato flavor is made with gluten-free carrot cake chunks folded into a cream cheese base and contains cinnamon and nutmeg to create the perfect balance.

The other flavor, Chocolate Easter Egg Gelato, is the brand’s most popular gelato. With a milk chocolate base and brand-new MICRO Chocolate Easter Eggs folded throughout, it’s truly nostalgic.

Each 562mL pint retails for $9CDN ($6.63USD).

MELT Ice Creams Debuts Crystal Crème Brûlée! United States

To celebrate the return of Cirque du Soleil to Fort Worth, MELT Ice Creams debuted Crystal Crème Brûlée, a treat featuring house-made caramelized sugar pieces infused into vanilla ice cream.

The ice cream flavor was inspired by Cirque du Soleil’s groundbreaking ice spectacle, Crystal. It was available at any of the four MELT Ice Creams Dallas-Fort Worth locations from February 15 to 18. It was available on a first-come, first-served basis until sold out.

Tillamook Releases a New Curated Chocolate Ice Cream Collection! United States

Oregon-based Tillamook County Creamery Association launched new flavors specifically with chocolate lovers in mind!

The brand’s innovative chocolate ice cream collection has 45 percent more cocoa than the brand’s original chocolate ice cream, delivering ‘richer, darker and decadent flavors.’

  • Brownie Batter: Dark chocolate brownie batter ice cream with brownie pieces.

  • Dark Chocolate Cookies & Cream: Dark chocolate ice cream with dark chocolate cookie pieces and flecks of cream filling.

  • Chocolate Hazelnut: Dark chocolate ice cream with chopped hazelnuts and a hazelnut butter ribbon.

  • German Chocolate Cake: Dark chocolate ice cream with brown sugar coconut filling, and pecan and chocolate cake pieces.

You can purchase a 1.5QT for approximately $6.49USD from leading retailers nationwide, including Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Publix, and Ahold Delhaize.

Pop-Tarts Infused Ice Cream From Ida’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats, United States

Cue the celebration of the one-year partnership between The Museum of Ice Cream - Chicago (MOIC) and Ida Nelson, the successful Black female entrepreneur behind Ida’s Artisan Ice Cream and Treats! Ida is introducing new ice cream flavors incorporating Kellanova’s Pop-Tarts to mark the occasion, coinciding with Black History Month!

The following two exclusive offerings can be found only at MOIC:

  • Cupcake Funfetti: Frosted Confetti Cupcake Pop-Tarts immersed with sprinkles and party magic into a cupcake-flavored ice cream.

  • Very Berry Strawberry: Frosted Strawberry Pop-Tarts infused into strawberry-flavored ice cream with real strawberry bits.

Eight Seasonal Flavors Available From Publix! United States

Seven flavors return, and one new one launches as part of Publix’s limited-time seasonal launch!

  • Bananas Foster: Banana-flavored ice cream with a brown sugar rum-flavored swirl.

  • Black Swamp Raspberry Cheesecake: Raspberry cheesecake-flavored ice cream swirled with Mackinac chocolatey graham crust and raspberry-filled chocolatey cups sprinkled throughout.  

  • Irish Crème Salted Caramel: Irish crème-flavored ice cream with a rich caramel sea salt swirl and caramel truffles.

  • New Orleans Caramel Praline: Brown sugar ice cream with swirls of thick caramel and crunchy praline pecans. 

  • Nuts About Pistachio: Pistachio ice cream loaded with pieces of real pistachios. 

  • Peanut Butter Pie: Peanut butter cheesecake-flavored ice cream with swirls of Mackinac peanut butter cookie ribbons and chocolate-flavored pieces. 

  • Strawberry Shortcake: Butter crème-flavored ice cream swirled with ribbons of chunky strawberry-flavored sauce and layered with squares of soft shortcake.

  • Vanilla Shortbread Cookie (New!): Vanilla ice cream with ground vanilla beans, vanilla anglaise custard swirls, and shortbread squares throughout.


Unlike past years, where the limited-time flavors were available in quart-size cartons, they’re now only available in half-gallon sizes.


Five Sentimental Flavors From Salt & Straw! United States

Salt & Straw at Disney Springs in Disney World and Downtown Disney in Disneyland released new limited-edition pints in February! Their Chocolatiers Series has five flavors made in collaboration with the most renowned chocolatiers and bean-to-bar connoisseurs in the country:

  • Cloudforest’s Cocoa Hazelnut Magic Sauce: Light chocolate ice cream, candied hazelnuts, Ecuadorian chocolate, and Frangelico.

  • Compartés Cake Batter Chocolate Fudge: Rainbow-sprinkled cake batter ice cream and brown butter vanilla bean fudge.

  • Dandelion’s Chocolate Nibs and Frangipane: Roasted cocoa ice cream, candied cocoa nibs, and frangipane swirl.

  • Exquisito Chocolate’s Passionfruit Truffles: Vanilla and passionfruit coconut creams, chocolate truffles, and Guatemalan dark chocolate stracciatella.

  • Fran’s Chocolate Almond Gold Bar: Almond candy, caramel ribbons, and dark chocolate stracciatella in salted vanilla ice cream.

Each pint retails for $12.95USD.

Salted Caramel Vanilla and Panna Lemon & Dough Flavors From Mövenpick! Switzerland

Mövenpick has released two fun new flavors!

Panna Lemon & Dough contains lemon curd sauce, raw dough pieces, and creamy ice cream. In contrast, Salted Caramel Vanilla has caramel pieces and salted caramel sauce laced through creamy Vanilla Dream ice cream.

They’re available in two formats: a 165 mL cup to enjoy on your own or a 900mL tub ($12.95CHF/14.65USD) to share with family and friends.

You can find the ice cream at one of Mövenpick’s 150 stores worldwide or via COOP supermarkets.

Multiple Flavors of Nuii Mini Adventures Launch! Switzerland

Join Nuii on a ‘delicious trip around the world’ with its newest debuts of Nuii Minis! The collection, made with high-quality special ingredients, includes:

  • Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia and Dark Chocolate & Nordic Berry (Combination Pack!): Vanilla dairy ice cream swirled with salted caramel sauce, covered with milk chocolate and caramelized Australian macadamia nut pieces. Chocolate dairy ice cream with Nordic blueberry sauce, covered with dark chocolate with roasted and crushed cocoa beans, and freeze-dried Nordic blueberry pieces.

  • Caramel & Texan Pecan and New York Cookies & Cream (Combination Pack!): Vanilla ice cream swirled with caramel sauce, covered with white chocolate with caramel, and salted, roasted Texan pecan nut pieces. Cream ice cream swirled with chocolate-flavored cookie crumble from New York, covered with milk chocolate, and a chocolate-flavored cookie crumble.

  • Almond & Java Vanilla and Chocolate & Italian Roasted Hazelnut (Combination Pack!): Hazelnut ice cream with Italian hazelnut sauce and milk chocolate coating containing wafer and baked Italian hazelnut pieces. Java vanilla ice cream coated with milk chocolate and roasted almond pieces.

  • Coconut & Indian Mango: Velvety and sweet mango combine with passion fruit and creamy coconut ice cream. Covered in crunchy white chocolate with caramelized coconut flakes and coconut chips with coconut blossom sugar. This is the only single-flavored pack that’s part of this debut.

Find the 6x55mL boxes at Coop supermarkets for $7.95CHF ($8.9USD).

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KITKAT Pink Ice Cream From Nestlé! Malaysia

KITKAT Pink ice cream is joining the signature KITKAT ice cream range!

According to the brand, the ice cream delivers a multisensorial experience by incorporating the signature KITKAT wafer taste with strawberry cheesecake. It has an even coating of crispy wafer bits and tangy strawberry pieces. The Sakura flowers of Japan inspired the debut.

The 85mL treat will be introduced across Southeast Asia, starting with Thailand last January. Find it at minimarts with Nestlé Ice Cream freezers.


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