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KRI KRI: Experts in Impulse Ice Cream

Earlier this year, we shared some key takeaways and insights from our conversation with Andreas Mylonas, Exports Director at KRI KRI, a frozen dessert brand based in Greece who use Greek yoghurt to create authentic tasting frozen yogurt products.

During that conversation, we learned more about the origins of the brand and focused on their frozen yogurt SKU’s and capabilities. If you missed that article, we recommend catching up here. When you’re ready, continue reading below to learn more about the ice cream side of the KRI KRI brand and business as well.

Catering the Impulse Segment with more than 70 products

With a total of 70 products in the range, KRI KRI are a brand who know what they are doing when it comes to ice cream. They are the only truly Greek Company that produces ice cream in and for the Greek market, something which is strongly appreciated by their customer base in Greece.

This unique selling point of provenance and locality has earned them the second position in the impulse ice cream segment in their home market.

They have eight ice cream formats available for retail customers, including cones, sticks, cups, bars, sandwiches, lollies, family packs, and multipacks, and also provide foodservice formats for trade customers as well.

Given the Company’s national and international experience, there are three product categories in particular that have been especially successful in export markets. They are: Rodeo, Master, and Master Rich, each with their own unique selling points and target audience.

The Rodeo brand boasts two sizes in the cone format - a more commonly recognised size of 75g and a more infrequently seen larger size of 150g, both of which tend to attract a young, impulse shopper. The latter typically peaks the interest of trade customers who are looking to provide their customers with something different and more memorable.

The ‘Master’ brand comprises the more indulgent, premium products within the KRI KRI portfolio by focusing on high quality ingredients to create a very authentic and rich taste. For example, the chocolate used in the Master brand is real, premium chocolate. These products attract customers who are willing to spend more on luxury items and those who seek high-quality impulse buys.

The ‘Master Rich’ brand is a sub-brand of the ‘Master’ category and exists to provide the same high-quality, ice cream to retail and trade consumers, but features inclusions like nuts or chocolate that are larger in size and quantity, as well as the possibility to include more syrups or sauces where relevant.

There are two main stick SKUs in the Master Rich category:

  • Cookies & Brownies - combines KRI KRI cookies ice cream, with true white Master Chocolate and large pieces of biscuits and brownies;

  • Salted Caramel - combines KRI KRI vanilla ice cream with salted caramel syrup, a Master Chocolate Caramel overlay and large pieces of caramelized almonds with salted caramel.

And two cups SKUs:

  • Chocolate & Brownies - combines Kri Kri chocolate ice cream with rich salted chocolate syrup, big delicious chocolate pieces and brownie pieces.

  • Rich Salted Caramel - combines Kri Kri caramel ice cream with rich salted caramel syrup, salted caramel pieces and inclusions with caramel flavored cover.

Customisations and Co-Branding: Keys to Success

Provenance is a large part of KRI KRI’s brand story and a main reason why consumers connect strongly with the KRI KRI brand. To enhance this, co-branding collaborations with other Greek brands have been very helpful in building a stronger connection with their local Greek customer base.

Such local customisations include the Rodeo brand partnering with Greek hazelnut spread brand, Nucrema, to create a multipack with 4 Nucrema ice cream praline cones with a NuCrema topping and pencil. Additionally, they have also partnered with Greek chocolate company, ION to launch a range of co-branded sticks, cones, and cups.

Furthermore, KRI KRI have created licensing agreements for their kid’s product range in Cones, Sticks, and Cups featuring well-known children’s brand characters such as Scooby Doo and Peppa Pig.

KRI KRI is keen to collaborate on product customisation in export markets, building on the knowledge and expertise of their strong development team. KRI KRI’s capabilities also expand into the production of private label products, on request. For example, they currently produce 150g cones and 500ml tubs in private label format for some of their global customers.

What’s next for KRI KRI abroad?

Currently, KRI KRI are well represented internationally with a presence in 32 countries, largely within Europe and the Middle East. Due to their large range of existing products, resources, and capabilities, they can be very flexible when it comes to covering the needs of new partners in export markets in terms of flavours, sizes, or formats. KRI KRI are also open to new innovation conversations and can provide marketing support to help enhance growth in new regions.

Apart from the Company’s presence in the impulse market, with more than 70 SKUs available for export, KRI KRI are also able to adapt their products and customisations when working with partners in export markets and can create multipacks and family packs, for example, that are better suited to retail environments. They aim to be as flexible as possible when working with partners on SKU design and development so that you can work together to create something that best suits your customer’s preferences and shopping habits.

KRI KRI's extensive range of ice cream treats caters for all consumers!

How can the INNODELICE network support KRI KRI’s growth?

With regards to KRI KRI’s ice cream products, they will be looking to expand their ice cream range even further in the near future and will therefore be open to conversations with inclusion or ingredient partners who can help them expand the range of products.

They are also on the lookout for distributors and brokers to help them enter more international markets like the US, as well as expand within those markets where they are already present, such as Europe and the Middle East.

How to start collaborating with KRI KRI Ice Cream?

If you would like to be introduced to the KRI KRI team, we would be happy to facilitate that introduction. You can learn more about the KRI KRI brands on the INNODELICE website here, and if you are interested in discussing potential partnership opportunities, please reach out to Nicolas on or Andrea on



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