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Beloved Ice Creams from 8 of the Industry’s Best

In talking with ice cream experts worldwide, we ask them: "Why ice cream?”

In response, we often hear, “Because of our love of it.”

They love that ice cream makes people smile and be happier (it’s scientifically proven!). They love the product and its creation process. And they love the people in the industry who often become like an extended family.

This Saint-Valentine's day, we gave ourselves the mission to spread this love by asking brands and makers from around the world which, of all their portfolios, is their most beloved ice cream.

Below, discover eight of the industry's best who, day in and day out, pour their whole heart and soul into their delicious creations.

With love,

Andrea Montreuil



Nick’s, Sweden

Established in 2018 in Sweden and 2019 in the United States, Nick’s has a track record of combining great-tasting products with quality ingredients to create healthy ice cream treats. Their belief: better food choices incorporating low-calorie fats and no sugar are possible – without compromising taste and experience.

Nick’s CEO Stefan Lagerqvist's personal favorite is the luxurious Peanut Butter Chocolate. This creamy peanut butter ice cream has thin dark chocolate flakes and a salty caramel peanut sauce swirl. When the mood hits, he breaks up one of the brand’s crunchy caramel chocolate bars and uses it as a topping. Talk about indulgence!

US and Sweden ice cream lovers can find this beloved 473ml pint at leading retailers, with prices ranging from $5-10 USD per pint.

Bulla Dairy Foods, Australia

Since 1910, this iconic Australian household brand has delighted its fans with be be high-quality products made using fresh milk and cream. As the largest manufacturer of ice cream in Australia, they have won over the hearts and tastebuds of consumers in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Middle East.

Murray St Caramel Swirl & Shortbread Pieces is a top pick from their wide range of ice cream varieties. The award-winning ice cream is lovingly crafted with fresh Australian milk, cream, and free-range egg yolk and features caramel sauce and shortbread pieces to deliver a rich-tasting flavor. It’s the perfect way to satisfy a sweet craving with someone dear!

This ice cream is available in a 1L tub for $12 AUS ($8.38 USD) and as a 4-pack of bars. Look for it in Australia at major retailers, including Woolworths and Coles, and internationally at select locations.

Kind Mars, USA

KIND was originally founded in 2004 as a leading healthy and tasty snack bar. Intending to seduce ice cream lovers, KIND expanded into the United State’s frozen dessert industry in 2019. The company brings convenience to eating healthy by using real ingredients that are both nutritious and gratifying!

Operations and Technical Manager Matt LoLordo’s favorite, KIND’s Dark Chocolate Almond Sea Salt bar, aims to be the perfect blend of flavor and texture.

The snackable, plant-based treat has a creamy frozen dessert base and is enrobed on the bottom with a dairy-free dark chocolate coating. It’s then topped with a blend of salty chopped almonds and an almond butter coating before being finished with a chocolate drizzle.

The on-the-go snack is available in a 5-pack for $6.49 USD at most major retailers, including Target, Walmart, and Kroger.

Meals de Colombia, Colombia

Meals de Colombia is the leading ice cream company in Colombia, founded in 1955 with the Crem Helado brand. Since then, the brand has expanded to include Polet, Bocatto, Aloha, Tosh, and Drácula. No matter what product they release, they do it with the same mission in mind: to bring smiles to all Colombians.

Mario Niño, President of the ice cream business and VP of Innovation for Grupo Nutresa, shared with us that his favorite ice cream is Polet Crunchy Caramel, a bar with crunchy chocolate, a delicious salty caramel sauce, and a satisfying almond AND nuts topping. At 100 grams, it’s a rich dessert for ice cream lovers looking for something to fulfill their cravings!

The bar is sold at various retailers throughout the country for $1.50 USD per bar. It’s also sold from the brand’s characteristic small cars on main streets.

KRI KRI, Greece

KRI KRI – a leader in Greek ice cream since 1954 – sells its ice cream throughout 19,000 locations in Greece and numerous locations internationally. The brand uses each tasty product as a starting block on a journey toward real pleasure. Their product line’s variety of flavors perfectly match the Greek culinary habits and satisfies every person who tastes a treat.

As the only producer of Authentic Greek Yogurt and Greek Ice Cream in the world, the brand uses its own freshly produced Authentic Greek strained yogurt when producing its frozen yogurt products. This healthier frozen yogurt partners nutritional benefits with sensational taste!

Rich in flavor and made with Authentic Greek Yogurt 2% fat, Plain, Authentic Greek Frozen Yogurt is the favorite of Stathoula Chatzi, Exports Area Brand Manager. Enjoy it guilt-free on its own, or add an inclusion such as fruits or syrups to make a one-of-a-kind version.

It’s available in a 500ml tub throughout Cyprus, Germany, Italy, Korea, Romania, UAE, and New Zealand. In central Europe, it costs approximately 4€ ($4.27 USD).

Chapman’s, Canada

This well-known Canadian brand is celebrating 50 years of love in the ice cream industry. From rich, real-dairy ice creams to lower-calorie, gluten-free, lactose-free, peanut-free, nut-free, and no-sugar-added, Chapman’s offers something for everyone!

One of the first companies to make ice cream for various dietary restrictions during the 1990s, Chapman’s products are sold nationwide. That means that no matter where you live in Canada, you’re sure to find a flavor to fall in love with.

As the winner of many prestigious international awards, including the International Ice Cream Consortium’s 2016 Best Ice Cream of the Year, the company’s Saucy Spots Salty Caramel ice cream is a clear-cut favorite. It’s also the favorite of Marketing Manager Lesya Chapman! The incredible treat uses an innovative caramel injection production process to pair premium caramel ice cream with a delicious rush of salty caramel sauce.

It’s available in 2L tubs, with a price point of $7.99 CDN ($5.95 USD) at leading grocery stores and independent retailers across Canada.

Little Moons, UK

Since 2010, Little Moons has been creating bite-sized balls of artisan gelato wrapped in a sweet, soft mochi dough. The brand was founded by brother and sister team Howard & Vivien Wong, who were on a mission to bring Japanese mochi with a delicious, modern twist to the masses. It was a successful mission: a Little Moons is now eaten every second, and the product line now includes 14 delicious flavors and stockists in 28 countries.

Little Moons’ Tropical Passionfruit & Mango is the brand’s top-selling flavor – and a personal favorite of Little Moons’ Co-Founder Howard Wong!

The vegan product contains only 77 calories and enrobes a deliciously smooth passionfruit and mango ice cream with a layer of soft mochi. The treat looks like a passionfruit with its purple-colored mochi and contrasting yellow ice cream interior.

The ice cream is available in a package of 6x32g, with pricing varying by retailer. It’s sold at major UK retailers, including Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys & Waitrose, Woolworths in Australia, Carrefour and Monoprix in France, and Edeka in Germany.

Oppo Brothers (UK)

Oppo Brothers’ commitment to using only the most lovingly selected natural ingredients – and up to 60 percent fewer calories and sugar than regular ice cream – led to the brand securing another Great Taste award in 2022. In operation since 2014, Oppo Brothers’ products can be found throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Double Chocolate Brownie - an intensely chocolatey Belgian milk chocolate ice cream – claims the top spot in Oppo Brother’s product lineup. Made with sustainably sourced Colombian Cacao Fino de Aroma, fresh milk and cream, and ingredients from natural sources, the ice cream is slow-churned with delicate milk chocolate brownie pieces that melt in the mouth.

The frozen dessert is available in a 475ml tub for £5.00 ($6.00 USD) at retailers including Sainsburys, ASDA, Tesco, Ocado, Booths, Amazon, Whole Foods, and Albert Heijn.



Founded by former executives in the ice cream industry, INNODELICE aims to create a worldwide ecosystem of solutions within the frozen dessert industry. Thanks to the relationships fostered by INNODELICE, manufacturers, brands, importers, distributors, and suppliers can discover, buy, and sell solutions to grow their businesses. These solutions include co-manufactured and branded products and innovative and competitive ingredients, packaging, and services. Our collaboration model generates lower costs and fewer risks for our participating partners while optimizing their time to market. To learn more about INNODELICE, contact Andrea Montreuil or visit

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