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6 products to complement your 2021 portfolio with plug & play innovations!

No doubt, the current sanitary crisis is affecting the 2020 Ice Cream season. But what about 2021?

While the Retail business has experienced a relative boom creating tensions on the whole supply-chain (production and logistics), the Food Service business has almost dropped to naught! Unfortunately, as many manufacturers are already writing off their 2020 season, doubts and concerns are rising with regards to the plans for 2021.

Are you ready for 2021?

Usually in the Ice Cream industry, this time of year is busy with product development, manufacturing trials and final product tastings. All of this in preparation for presentations to retailers with the hope of securing as many listings as possible for the next season.

Unfortunately, the ongoing lockdown is preventing many manufacturers from completing their usual product development cycle, thus limiting their line up of innovations and jeopardizing their 2021 season.

An opportunity to unlock innovation with a shorter path to market

At INNODELICE, we believe the current innovation bottleneck creates a great opportunity to connect manufacturers around the world, and leverage the outsourcing opportunity to purchase successful and innovative products coming from other manufacturers in other markets, thus unlocking many benefits:

  • Access to market-tested products from around the world

  • No development work required

  • Samples readily available

  • Production-ready in 8 to 10 weeks (once artwork is completed)

  • Available for Brands and Private Labels

Thanks to its network of 40+ manufacturers across the world, INNODELICE can connect you to the desired product and to the perfect match in term of manufacturing partner.

Our PICKS for 2021

Wondering which innovative ice cream products are right for you ?

Based on global food trends, consumer needs and product requests we are getting from all over the world, here are 6 products that deserve to be discovered and considered in your 2021 portfolio line up. But do not stop at that and contact us to quickly get access to your customized solution!


Dairy-free sticks, made of oat, almond or coconut, with such an amazing taste that it would compel a dairy enthusiast to switch sides!

While the market has seen a profusion of plant-based pints over the last few years, 2021 will make indulgent plant-based sticks mainstream!


Surfing on the plant-based trend, differentiate yourself from the soon-to-be overcrowded pint assortment with this beautiful horizontally-layered frozen dessert alternating textures and tastes in one spoon. Definitely innovative!


Sandwiches are back in the game! Looking for more indulgence, consumers are re-discovering ice cream sandwiches with new forms, new inclusions or different biscuits. This customizable round sandwich includes chocolate drops on the side, creating different textures in each mouthful. Can also be half-covered with chocolate. Yummy, no?


Snacking is an overall food trend, across all categories, ice cream being no exception. These ice cream bites, conveniently packed in a perfect-to-share tub format, will answer consumers' cravings, whether they are staying at home or on the go (impulse shops, movies theaters...).


Inspired by Japanese tradition, mochis are a new way of eating ice cream... with your fingers! Enrobed in a soft rice dough, mochis can be filled with resfreshing sorbets or premium ice cream. For more indulgence, try the double-core mochis: creamy ice cream with an unctuous core sauce. Surprising, beautiful and delicious.


Our last pick is targeting the Food Service channel: pre-portioned individually flowrapped disks of ice cream. Shall it be to dress up on a plate or squeezed between delicious cookies, these ice cream disks are an affordable, time-saving solution for all restaurant owners everywhere.

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