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Wonder Natural Foods (WNF) is a New-York based Company that produces healthier, lower fat, lower calorie Peanut Butter Spreads in several flavours. Our product is a patented formula made from real peanuts and other natural ingredients and is the only pasteurised spread on the market. It is shelf stable until opened and available in retail and institutional packs. Currently, we offer Original, Low Sodium, Chocolate and Banana flavours. A serving is only 100 calories vs. 200 with traditional peanut butter and contains 85% less fat. Additionally, none of our products contain any palm oil and all are gluten and dairy free. We currently offer our retail products across the United States in over 2,000 supermarkets and are on the Amazon and Walmart on-line platforms.


For more information, read our Blog article about Wonder Natural Foods and their Low Fat Peanut Butter.

Wonder Natural Foods

  • As an ingredient, WNF products are an ideal solution for companies looking to expand their ice cream and frozen dessert offering with a peanut butter additive. 


    Because we are a water-based product, it mixes very well with frozen dairy products, fully emulsifying without clumping and oil separation. 


    We can customize packaging size to our customers’ needs and because the product is pasteurized, we can ship at room temperature to anywhere in the world.

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