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incrEDIBLE by Planeteer aims to reinvent the way we eat our food by replacing single use plastics with edible cutlery.


By 2050, there would be more plastic than fish in the oceans by weight. Our goal is to reduce and replace single use plastics the most fun way possible by introducting utensils made with whole grains that can be eaten!


For more information, read our Blog article and discover Dinesh, founder of Planeteer; his vision and his products. And check out about their collaboration with Beavertails in Canada here.


  • Our incrEDIBLE spoons, sporks, straws are vegan, natural, made with non-gmo grains and come in shapes and both savory and sweet flavors. (Chocolate, Vanilla)


    They can stay firm for up to 30 minutes in hot soup or 45 minutes in cold desserts.

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