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Brand Territory: Frozen Yogurt made from Authentic Greek Strained Yogurt


KRI KRI begins back in 1954... when George Tsinavos, company's founder, opened a small pastry shop in Serres, Greece, which produced and distributed ice cream and confectionery in town. The company grew to become the leading manufacturer of both yogurt (made from fresh milk) and ice cream in Greece. Today KRI KRI employs 650 people and exports 45% of its production in 37 different countries.


KRI KRI MASTER CHOCLETS offers mini ice cream bites for calorie-controlled indulgent snacking. 


Want to know more about KRI KRI and their expertise in impulse ice cream? Check out our blog here. 




    Made from authentic strained Greek yogurt

    Delicious Greek frozen yogurt with rich syrup. Made with Authentic Greek Yogurt 2% fat. The natural taste of authentic Greek yogurt blends perfectly with the sweet yet balanced taste of sour cherry, salted caramel or honey syrup.


    Available as a multipack of 4 sticks/bars, 2 with peach coating and 2 with cherry coating.

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