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Brand Territory: A2 milk Premium


To make great ice cream you don’t need a great big factory. For us, local isn’t just a place, it’s a philosophy. We own the paddocks, grow the grass, nurture our gorgeous A2 cows and churn their delicious milk and cream into the best ice cream.

We take the whole process from cow to cone and turn it into a labour of love. No fake tastes or textures, just hand-crafted ice creams that satisfy your sensory cravings.


Appleby Farms Ice cream is made with only A2 protein milk and features bold flavour, creamy texture and a rich mouthfeel.


Our award-winning ice cream comes in six extraordinary flavours - Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Brownie, Coffee, Boysenberry, Passionfruit and Salted Caramel.


Want to know more about APPLEBY FARMS and discover how they became the 1st New Zealand company to export A2 milk ice cream? Read the full story here.