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Brand Territory: Vegan, Allergen-free, GMO-free


Founded in Trois-Rivières, a small Canadian town halfway between Quebec City and Montreal, SNÖ undoubtedly reflects today’s Franco-Canadian culture at its best. It’s with Mother Nature’s unequal respect that we produce each frozen delight. Proudly on local shelves since 2018, SNÖ is expanding and now travels coast to coast.


SNÖ’s mission is to provide a quality refreshing product to epicureans of this world, whether they are vegans, carnivores, flexitarians or struggling with allergies/intolerances. SNÖ frozen delicacies are free from all 10 common allergens.


Let yourself be seduced by the simplicity of our ingredients, but above all by our classic flavors revisited.


Want to discover more about SNÖ? Read the full story of this Canadian success here.



    AQUAFABA-BASED DAIRY-FREE SANDWICH. Wondering what is Aquafaba? It is the liquid that results when chickpeas are cooked in water. Replacing milk with aquafaba in your ice cream leads to a softer, moussy texture. Here shaped as gingerbread man… great for limited editions! 


    GINGERBREAD MAN is now also available with oat as a further extension to SNÖ's oat-based range of frozen treats. 

    • Vegan / Dairy free

    • Allergen free


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