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Brand Territory: Lactose-free Dairy Ice Cream


We have been awarded in 2020 with the Superior Taste Award of the International Taste Institute in Brussels for our Chocolate Fat Free ice cream with Stevia, which received 2 stars and for our No Sugar Added Strawberry Sorbet with Stevia, which received 1 star.


Our family owned company is the leading manufacturer of ice cream and related products in Cyprus. Our story began in the mid 60’s from a desire to create the finest, all natural ice cream with the purest, farm fresh ingredients. The quality of our products made us popular right from the start. Today, we serve ice cream lovers locally and internationally, offering a 100% pure indulgence.


We proudly make all natural dairy ice cream the old fashioned, traditional way, using only fresh whole milk, fresh cream, fresh eggs, pure sugar and the finest, all natural flavouring ingredients from around the world. Our fruit sherbet and sorbet are naturally pure and refreshing frozen desserts, made with only freshly picked, ripe fruits.


We add nothing to our products to interfere with purity and freshness… no preservatives, no vegetable fat, no artificial flavours, no gelatins.




    • Made from Fresh Milk & yogurt (cow's milk, active yogurt cultures)

    • Low Fat version available

    Lactose-free Dairy Ice Cream


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