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Brand Territory: Vegan Paletas, naturally low in Sugar.


We like to think that eating High Road ice cream is like being a chef without working the shift.


Our founders, Keith Schroeder, James beard Award-Winning Chef and author, and wife Nicki, started High Road as a culinary partnership shared with back-of-house friends and culinary pros. We soon realized that as High Road grew, the team preferred a bigger table to gather. The good stuff we make is inspired by the most delicious ingredients and welcoming people from kitchens and farms around the world.


Today, we have a team of over 100 people representing over 20 countries in two plants. We’re passionate about mind-blowing flavor combos and ingredients that celebrate people, places, and cultures.


We do what we do because life’s good stuff should be enjoyed by all.


Want to know more about HIGH ROAD's secret for success? Read our blog article here.


All natural, Handcrafted




    • Handcrafted

    • All-natural ingredients

    • Nothing artificial ever.

    We make all of our products by hand, from scratch. We vat pasteurize our dairy mix and craft all of our inclusions and variegates in-house. We are the only craft manufacturer at scale in the USA.

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