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Brand Territory: Plant-based, Vegan, Allergen-free, High in fibers, Low fat


The name Gigi is in honor of "Luigi", a 60 years old Italian ice cream maestro and co-founder of the company that invented a way to make plant-based ice cream as creamy as traditional dairy gelato. Luigi started the company together with Zeno and Ralph, Italian and Dutch entrepreneurs with a deep passion for food innovation, and with solid startup backgrounds.


Luigi, Zeno, and Ralph's mission are to improve people's well-being by crafting innovative plant-based ice cream flavors that are healthier, and more sustainable for our Planet.


Gigi gelato has been awarded as "The Best Product of the Year" by Food Matters Live (London), and it is constantly growing on the shelves of different large European Retailers since 2019.


Gigi gelato is proud to be the best-selling plant-based product on the online supermarket Gorillas and through third-party delivery services in Barcelona and Madrid.


Thanks to a team of internationally recognized partners, Gigi provides its customers high-quality standards, first-level certifications, and high production capabilities.


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Last, should you wish to know more about their story and their products, do not hesitate to read our article here.



  • PRODUCT CLAIM : 100% Vegan certified

    Gigi is a 100% plant-based extruded gelato on a wood stick made with 60% of pure fruit and veggies. It is high in fibers, low in fat, and, thanks to our IP, it is as creamy as a traditional dairy ice cream.

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