Brand Territory: 100% Plant-Based & Clean Label


Who said you need CREAM in your ICE CREAM? Our mission is to redefine our relationship with food by making room for the good stuff. We make food tastier, cleaner and plant-based.


We are PINK, but we are also PUNK. We are PLANT-BASED, but we are also DELICIOUS.


We are obssessed with taste and texture and our ice creams ooze authenticity because they are made with natural ingredients, or as we say in our packaging, "made with ingredients you can draw."


We are a taste-first brand which means we optimize our formulation for taste and texture. We don't take shortcuts and we don't skimp on ingredients. This translates into a rich "American Syle" ice cream with body, slow melt rate, slow flavour release, and a creamy and dense texture.


Discover the secrets behind PINK ALBATROSS' recipe for success in our article here.




  • Key Attributes: 

    • Authentic flavour (thanks to the generous quantities of the main ingredient)

    • Clean-Label (nothing artificial, only natural ingredients)

    • Plant-Based, Gluten & Lactose Free. We target people trying to reduce consumption of dairy.