Founded in 2019, AGROSINGULARITY is a circular economy company. Its mission is to reduce the "food loss" experienced by the fresh fruits & vegetables producers, transforming these low-value fresh ingredients into a functional powder ingredient. Its production model is based in regional HUBs, creating a positive impact in local communities of fresh producers.


Working with a short supply chain, AGROSINGULARITY has the capability to serve customers around the world with its clean label solutions.


Our motto is "Doing well by doing good".


Today, AGROSINGULARITY is offering an extensive catalogue of powder ingredients, as well as adapting to new requests from customers thanks to its R&D capabilities. 


Our value proposition is unique, ensuring we feed the world in a sustainable way. When you buy from Agrosingularity, you make sure you are creating a positive impact for the environment.


    • SUPPLY of clean label food-loss vegetable and fruit powders.


    • DEVELOPMENT of custom-made powders on request.


    • R&D SUPPORT for the integration of those powders in end products.