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What’s New in June: Dairy Ice Cream Innovations

Ice cream season in the Northern Hemisphere is in full swing and we are looking at all of the exciting innovations in the world of dairy ice cream!

Our June Dairy Pick Of The Month has got to be Van Leeuwan’s newest controversial flavour of ‘mustard & salted pretzels’ in collaboration with Kraft Food’s Grey Poupon brand. We are dying to get our hands on this one!

In this article, you will read about:


First UHT Chocolate Soft Serve Arrives to the UK, UK

A collaboration between dairy company Jersey Dairy, and ingredients supplier Henley Bridge has resulted in the UK’s first-of-its-kind UHT chocolate soft serve. Combining Jersey Dairy’s original Vanilla Luxury Softmix with a special blend of Belcolade cocoa mass and deZaan cocoa powder, the pair have created an ultra creamy and rich chocolate soft serve blend with a longer-shelf life, thanks to the UHT recipe used.

The extra creaminess and richness comes from the higher butterfat content than other milks, says Steve Carrigan, Henley Bridge’s ice cream and gelato technician to Dairy Industries. Available exclusively from Henley Bridge at a price point of £40.57 (€47.11 / $49.76 USD) for 12 x 1L tetrapak packs, the soft serve requires no mixing or measuring making it easier for hospitality businesses to incorporate into their portfolio.

Noosa’s First Frozen Yoghurt Gelato, USA

Colorado-based yoghurt brand, Noosa, have recently launched their Frozen Yoghurt Gelato as the newest addition to their portfolio, and the first one in the frozen dessert category.

They will launch four flavours into supermarkets across the US:

  • Honey Vanilla Bean (vanilla bean frozen yoghurt gelato with real vanilla bean specks and a wildflower honey ribbon throughout);

  • Chocolate Fudge (milk chocolate frozen yoghurt gelato with dark chocolate fudge chunks and swirls);

  • Sea Salt Caramel (frozen yoghurt gelato with caramel swirls, sea salt, and caramel chips);

  • Strawberries & Cream (strawberry frozen yoghurt gelato with real strawberries pieces)

All of the flavours are made with whole milk yoghurt and contain probiotics with live and active cultures in addition to being gluten free, and Kosher Dairy. Stockists include Whole Foods and Harris Teeter where pints are priced at an RRP of about $4.99 USD (€4.73).


Going Bananas for Hershey Creamery Co.’s New Bar, USA

Hershey Creamery Co. has just launched a brand new Banana Pudding Bar!

Made with a graham cracker coating, banana ice cream wrapped around a sweet marshmallow ice cream core, the bar contains 240 calories and 3g of protein. It is available now for a limited time at various Hershey Ice Cream sellers across 39 US states.

Hackney Gelato & Gorillas Bring New Banana SKU to London, UK

On-demand grocery delivery company, Gorillas is working with London’s Hackney Gelato to deliver their new Banana, Caramel & Roasted Pecan gelato flavour to consumers around the city in 10 minutes.

The ice cream pint boasts a recipe made with British milk and real bananas mixed with honey caramelised pecans and a salted caramel sauce throughout. UK customers can purchase a 500ml tub for £5.75 (€6.68 / $7.05 USD) exclusively from Gorillas online platforms.

Bonne Maman Makes Moves to Ice Cream, France

The iconic French jam and spread brand, Bonne Maman, is transitioning into the ice cream category with the help of Andros, a French food manufacturing company specialising in fruit and dairy products. Bonne Maman’s new ice cream range features four flavours: raspberry, strawberry, coffee, and chocolate, and is available in freezers in packs of 2 small 138ml pots which retail at €3.99 ($4.21 USD).

Brave Robot & Coolhaus Collab to Create Animal-Free Dairy Sandwiches, USA

This next innovation by Brave Robot and Coolhaus could be just as fitting for our What's New: Vegan edition as it is here in our What's New: Dairy edition. The pair have launched the world’s first animal-free dairy ice cream sandwiches in two flavours: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (chocolate chip cookie dough chunks mixed into vanilla ice cream); and Mint Chocolate Chip (mint ice cream sandwiched between double chocolate chip cookies). They are also proud to be lactose-free, cruelty-free, and cholesterol-free!

The sandwiches, made using Perfect Day’s non-animal whey protein, are now available to purchase in retailers across the US including Kroger, Ralphs Grocery Company, Fry's Food and Drug, Smith’s, King Soopers/City Market, and Fred Meyer to highlight a few. A box of 3 sandwiches sells at an RRP of $7.99 USD (€7.57).

Crem Helado Launch New Ice Cream Innovations, Colombia

Colombian-based ice cream company, Crem Helado, has been busy launching many new products over the past year.

  • ‘Polet Dolce Roma’ features a pistachio-flavoured base with a forest fruit sauce, and white chocolate coating with almond pieces. This innovation is available in the Colombian market priced at COL$3,500 ($0.85 USD / €0.82) per 65g bar.

  • ‘Bocatto Salvaje’ is a vanilla and raspberry ice cream cone (covered in chocolate) with a camu-camu-flavoured sauce sprinkled with chocolate puffed rice, and a chocolatey tip to complete the cone. Customers can buy this 85g cone for COL$3,500 ($0.85 USD / €0.82).

  • ‘Casero Arequipe’ is a delicious dulce de leche (caramel) ice cream stick. Available for COL$1,200 ($0.29 USD / €0.28) per 60g stick.

  • ‘Aloha’ is a refreshing coconut-flavoured frozen juice stick. Available to purchase for COL$1,700 ($0.41 USD / €0.40) per 55g bar.

Images by Crem Helado

New Keto Pops by Halo Top, USA

Halo Top’s Keto range is getting another two additions added this summer. Mint Chocolate Cookie (complete with cookie crumbles and coated in a chocolate-flavoured layer) and Turtle Cheesecake (containing caramel swirls, a chocolate flavoured coating and crunchy pecan pieces) are the two new pops flavours, both of which are made with “ultra-filtered” skim milk, according to the brand, which boasts fewer calories than regular milk as well as containing only 2 net carbs and 3g of protein per pop.

A 4-pack of Keto Pops are available to purchase in most retailers across the US and will set you back about $4.49-$4.99 USD (€4.25-€4.72).

Image by FoodBevMedia via Halo Top

IndoFood Ice Cream Launches Two Ice Cream Donuts, Indonesia

If you are a donut fan, you are going to love Indofood Ice Cream’s newest member of the product family.

Their new KulKul Donut comes in two varieties and tastes like either strawberry cheesecake or chocolate, both topped with white ice cream and sprinkles. They retail at IDR 5,000 (€0.32 / $0.34 USD) per pack of one donut.

Browndog Creamery & Faygo Design 6 Ice Cream Pints, USA

US beverage company, Faygo have partnered with Browndog Creamery of Browndog Barlor & Restaurant in Michigan to create six ice cream variations using some of Faygo’s fan-favourite flavours:

  • Choc & Rye is created using Faygo Rock & Rye flavour with chocolate fudge and brownies.

  • Groovy Grape is made with Faygo Grape, speculoos cookies and oat milk.

  • Citrus Mist contains both Faygo Moon Mist and Faygo Orange with Maraschino cherries.

  • Peaches & Creme combines Faygo Peach and Faygo Creme soda with shortbread cookies.

  • Unicorn Swirl features Faygo Cotton Candy flavour with pink marshmallow creme swirls throughout.

  • Motown Jam features Faygo Redpop and chunky peanut butter.

Consumers can find the flavours available in pints ($8.50 USD each / €8.13) at both of the restaurant's locations in Farmington and Northville while scoops are available in Northville only.

Image by MLive via Browndog Barlor

Ben & Jerry’s Get Ready to (Cherry) Crumble, USA

Cherry Crumble is the newest member of the Ben & Jerry’s US family of flavours for a limited time only. Buttery ice cream with sweet cherries and a sugary oat crumble make up their latest limited edition pint and will retail at US retailers across the country at $5.49 USD (€5.20).

Selecta Cornetto Launch New Caramel Toffeeccino, Philippines

Cornetto fans in the Philippines will be excited to find a new flavour in their freezers as Unilever releases their new Caramel Toffeeccino Cornetto.

The new SKU features coffee-flavoured ice cream drizzled with a coffee-flavoured sauce and topped with crunchy toffee pieces, not forgetting about the classic chocolatey tip, too. The product will be available in select retail stores in the Philippines for ₱ 25.25 ($0.46 USD / €0.44).


Grey Poupon Make Mustard Ice Cream with Van Leeuwan, USA

Mustard ice cream? This is the newest controversial creation by Van Leeuwan thanks to their collaboration with Grey Poupon, a yellow mustard brand owned by Kraft Foods.

The Grey Poupon with Salted Pretzels flavour features sweet ice cream with a honey-dijon swirl, and salted pretzels. It joins four other flavours launched by the brand for summer including: Campfire S’mores (made with toasted marshmallow ice cream, chocolate fudge swirls, graham cookies, and marshmallows); Summer Peach Crisp (ice cream with peaches and a gluten-free oat crumble); Honey Cornbread with Strawberry Jam (vanilla ice cream with honey cornbread pieces and strawberry jam); and Espresso Fior di Latte Chip (espresso ice cream with fior di latte cheese, chocolate chips, and graham cookies).

US consumers will find the flavours retailing at approximately $5 USD (€4.78) per pint in Walmart stores across the country for a limited time only.

Sour & Spicy Mango Stick by Perfect Companion Group, Thailand

For the second time in this What’s New feature, we see a Mango Chili flavour combination pop up, this time by 'ėtė ice cream' in Thailand, made by The Perfect Companion Group.

The new release - Ete Kimhan Pickled Bao Mango with Chili Salt Sauce - creates a sour and spicy taste sensation for customers

Nick’s & Zedd Make Chilly Mango, USA

Nick’s keto-friendly ice cream has launched a new flavour in collaboration with DJ and music producer, Zedd. The new ‘Chilly Mango’ flavour aims to balance sweetness with a hint of spiciness by mixing mango ice cream with a hint of spice and a swirl of strawberry.

Packing 9g of protein into every pint, the brand is partnering with Zedd to give away a six-month supply of Zedd's favourite flavours and 2 tickets to see him play live. Fans can purchase the pint for $9.99 USD (€9.56) on Nick’s website and also find it in select US retailers.

Got a new ice cream launch or flavour and would like to be featured in our next dairy ice cream round-up?

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